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Reshoring to the rescue? Sustainable resilience in supply chains

Supply chains across the board have been hit hard in recent times. With sustainability also high on the agenda, is it time for companies to bring operations home?

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Colour monitoring with environmental data

Why environmental factors can affect printing quality, and how to manage it.

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Preserving profit through automation

Kelvin Bell, Sales Director at Vpress, on why small businesses should take the plunge into the brave new world of automation.

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Clarity in print automation and the benefits of JDF and XJDF

When it comes to standards and file formats designed for print automation, none are more useful than JDF. We spoke to Dr Rainer Prosi, Chief Technical Officer of CIP4, to find out more.

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How to use PowerScripts for speed and accuracy

Glenn Wilton at O2 Creative on how his automation software PowerScripts eliminates repetitive tasks and reduces error.

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XML – the first step towards automation

Understanding the different formats and standards used in data transfer is crucial in the journey towards automation. Andrew Bailes-Collins at Enfocus helps us get to grips with XML.

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How to save time, waste and money with wide format automation

Combining a prepress solution with a workflow management system, nesting technology and a cut line manager, OneVision’s Wide Format Automation Suite has already proved popular. Stephan Reiter, Head of Strategic Alliances for OneVision Software AG, discusses its benefits.

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Come back stronger with grants and funding

Printers are facing a host of challenges in turbulent times, but a financial boost for innovation can help you survive and thrive.

Tomorrow's World

PrintFactory: making the jump to automation

Automated workflows bring major cost savings and production efficiency gains, so why are so few printers making the transition?

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Solve problems early with preflighting

Post-COVID, making efficiencies is more important than ever. Andrew Bailes-Collins of Enfocus on how effective preflighting systems are essential.

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FESPA introduces “Coffee Break” webinars

Graeme Richardson-Locke introduces FESPA Coffee Break, webinars that will feature industry experts who will share their knowledge, opinions and will answer questions on how speciality printers can get better, faster.

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Towards the mass customization of one

The holy grail in mass customization is to produce unique customized products at the price of a single mass produced unit. Paul McKinlay at Cimpress, the global mass customization company and parent of brands like Vistaprint and Pixartprinting, explains.

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The idea factory in Bangkok: industry leaders at the FESPA Global Summit 2020

Keynote speakers identified the biggest print trends to come in 2020 and explain how new partnerships prosper at the summit.  

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Why automation software makes sense

Automation software reduces errors and speeds up workflows. Are you missing out?

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How to pick the right digital payment option

As the shift to digital payments gathers pace, what are the best options for printers?

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Reduce cost by focusing on workflow automation

Ryan McAbee, Director of Production Workflow at Keypoint Intelligence–InfoTrends, shows how mapping strategies and assessment metrics can transform your sign and graphics workflows.

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How to deal with late payment

Plan ahead to alleviate cashflow problems.

Tomorrow's World

Industry 4.0: expect the unexpected

Will the new industrial revolution wreck or restart the print industry?