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Tomorrow's World

Tomorrow's World

Tharstern integrates automated carbon footprinting into MIS

Carbon emissions and offsetting costs are automatically generated with every order or quote.

Tomorrow's World

A roadmap to profiting from the three Ps approach

In his final article, Matthew Parker, Founding Director of Profitable Printing Relationships, describes simple steps for implementing a people-planet-profit (3Ps) principle in your business.

Tomorrow's World

Italian inspiration is alive and well

Michela Pìbiri, Editor-in-Chief of PrintLovers, on why Italian graphic design and high-end customised products are still on top of the world.

Tomorrow's World

Build bigger profits following the three Ps

In the second of three articles, Matthew Parker, Founding Director of Profitable Printing Relationships, describes how following the people-planet-profit principle is the route to sustainable success.

Tomorrow's World

People, planet, profit: an alternative approach to creating a leading print company in the 2020s

In the first of three articles, Matthew Parker, Founding Director of Profitable Printing Relationships, discusses how the ‘three Ps’ can make your company more innovative, sustainable and profitable.

Tomorrow's World

Understanding substrate performance with material data collection

Color Concepts founder Marco Roos explains how his company’s work on ISO standards for materials and its growing ColorBase platform is revolutionising the print industry’s understanding of materials.

Tomorrow's World

Shaking up the world of interior décor

Curator of Printeriors Debbie McKeegan discusses the new breed of designers and the scientific advancement changing interior décor for ever.

Tomorrow's World

Smart signage at the European Sign Expo 2021

Some of the latest innovations and inspiring technology at the ESE in Amsterdam.

Tomorrow's World

Plastics recycling: corporate social responsibility policies at HEXIS

How high sustainability standards and reducing VOCs are keeping customers happy.

Tomorrow's World

Sustainable goals in car wrapping

Elizabeth Park of Avery Dennison on sustainable solutions in car wrapping.

Tomorrow's World

A beginner’s guide to regenerative capitalism

To address the world’s biggest challenges we need a radical new approach to economics – could regenerative capitalism be the answer?

Tomorrow's World

Beyond XML and JDF: the next step

While XML and JDF form the basis of print automation, other newer formats are emerging that can make data transfer for printers even more efficient.

Tomorrow's World

Measuring carbon reduction

Accurate carbon reporting means avoiding greenwash.

Tomorrow's World

Economics, industry and biodiversity

The industry needs new goals to halt the biodiversity crisis. To start with, good energy and waste management can reduce the release of pollutants into the atmosphere.  

Tomorrow's World

Circulytics: a catalyst for change

HP worked with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to ensure its business practices were fit for a more sustainable future.

Tomorrow's World

The future of predictive maintenance

Durst’s strategy of using AI to fix printer problems before they arise should eliminate production down-time and open the way to the ‘smart factory’ of the future

Tomorrow's World

Revolutionising retail: customer experience, personalisation and print

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on retail but it may have only sped up existing change.

Tomorrow's World

A common language for printing?

Dr David Penfold, Edgerton Publishing Services – formerly Senior Lecturer at the University of the Arts (London) and Visiting Fellow at Nottingham Business School – on standardising printing terms.

Tomorrow's World

The bigger picture on plastics in print

Printers need to consider alternatives to plastic while recognising the need to match performance and durability. Any steps towards lower carbon products can only be positive.