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How to conduct a PESTLE analysis to get the global picture

This wide-ranging analytical tool looks at deep global trends to develop a long-term business strategy.

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How to use a SWOT analysis to stay competitive

The simple but powerful way to gain in-depth knowledge of your business, the market and your competitors.

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How to optimise imposition with automated technology

We spoke to Tilia Labs about how artificial intelligence can lead to the most cost-effective imposition by reducing human input.

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How to use 4D printing to create smart textile products

Katarina Winands of ITA Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University explains how fused deposition modelling can create ‘smart’ textiles.

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How to prove your sustainability credentials with an EcoVadis scorecard

The EcoVadis scorecard is helping companies join the dots between suppliers, customers and partners who want sustainable values embedded throughout the value chain.

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How to be a more efficient and productive printer with automation software

We spoke to Certified Enfocus Partner XChange UK about the best applications of PitStop Pro in wide format printing.

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How to not waste waste: creative ways to repurpose single-use plastic

Apphia Ferguson at Smile Plastics shows how to transform plastic and other waste into beautiful solid panels.

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How to use certified lifecycle analyses in PVC-free signage

Nova Abbott, Head of Marketing at Taya, manufacturer of Kavalan, on using lifecycle analyses (LCAs), avoiding greenwashing and continuing to improve sustainability.

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How to leverage wide format energy use for business efficiency

HP’s Worldwide Large Format Environmental Lead, Noëlle Peutat, on assessing energy use in Latex technology.

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How to recruit and retain talent in the print industry: the view from the FESPA Board

Attracting and retaining talent in the large format print industry, and being progressive by stimulating diversity, is a challenge we must all meet, say three of FESPA’s Board members.

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How to find your niche and compete with web-to-print

All printers recognise the power of web-to-print businesses and must reflect on them in order to identify and own their niche, says Graeme Richardson-Locke, Technical Lead at FESPA.

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How to deliver with drop shipping

Davis Siksnans, CEO at Printful, gives his advice to printers on adding drop shipping to their list of services.

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How to energy-audit your business, save money and reduce carbon emissions

Environmental consultant Clare Taylor shares how print businesses can implement better energy management and reduce carbon emissions.

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How to calibrate greys with confidence

CHROMiX owner Steve Upton explains how grey balance in colour management leads to customer satisfaction.

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How to use PowerScripts for speed and accuracy

Glenn Wilton at O2 Creative on how his automation software PowerScripts eliminates repetitive tasks and reduces error.

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How to keep supply chains strong

Chris Green at Antalis discusses how the firm managed overstretched supply chains during the pandemic, why honest communication is key – and what the future holds.

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Press-ready files – who is responsible?

FESPA Colour Ambassador Paul Sherfield asks if the client or the printer should ensure that files are press ready.

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How to support circularity with eco-friendly solutions

Einar Ek of Re-board assesses the value of fibre paper board over synthetic materials and how to ensure durability.

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How to maximise staff wellbeing during a pandemic

Abdool Majid Mahomed, chief executive of Printing SA, used outreach, eLearning modules and webinars to keep member companies and employees happy, healthy and motivated during the pandemic in South Africa.