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ISO 22067-1 is published

Laurel Brunner discusses ISO 22067-1 which requires the communication of environmental aspects or printed products. Laurel shares how this standard is relevant for most print applications.


Dear Traditional Retailers – where is my personalised order?

Richard Askam, The Personalisation Experience Ambassador, considers why so many well-known retailers are still not embracing personalisation.


Process Control for Wide Format Printing - Quality Assurance Check

Paul Sherfield discusses the final stage of a coloured managed workflow and explains the importance of using quality assurance checks and specialised softwares.


Time to achieve net zero

Laurel Brunner advises businesses to make us of ISO Net-Zero Guidelines which features various recommendations and guiding principles regarding achieving net-zero carbon dioxide by 2050.


Personalisation – Is it about the memory not the gift?

Richard Askam, The Personalisation Experience Ambassador, hears from readers around the world about the importance of personalised memories versus the gift itself.


How book printers can make a sustainability difference

Making a difference for the climate depends on print service providers and customers working together to cut emissions. Obviously printing companies and their supply chains recognise this, but there is still much more that must be done to change sustainability minds and attitudes.


Personalisation - What name would you give it?

Richard Askam, The Personalisation Experience Ambassador, discusses why personalisation has taken a long time to be widely adopted. Is this due to different industries naming it differently?


Sustainable Transfer Printing at NS System in Denmark

FESPA's Head of Associations and Technical Lead, Graeme Richardson-Locke visited Niels Rask, the owner of NS Solutions in Denmark. Niels is also the President of FESPA Denmark. Graeme describes how NS Solutions are focused on sustainable transfer printing.


Up Close and Personal

Richard Askam is an experienced management consultant and speaker on personalisation who will be partnering with FESPA on FESPA’s Personalisation Experience. This is a new exhibition co-located alongside FESPA Global Print Expo 2023 and European Sign Expo 2023 taking place from 23rd – 26th May at Messe Munich in Germany. The exhibition will showcase the latest innovations and technologies in personalised products and packaging.


Driving change with the FESPA Print Census

FESPA's Head of Associations and Technical Lead, Graeme-Richardson Locke shares the history of the FESPA Print Census and the reason why it was created.


Opportunities for printers with EFI’s Jeff Jacobson

FESPA’s CEO, Neil Felton speaks to Jeff Jacobson, Executive Charman and CEO at EFI at Printing United 2022. Jeff discusses the existing opportunities that are available to printers as well as new trends across personalisation and textile printing. Jeff also shares his thoughts on the role of FESPA in the community.


The increasing awareness of sustainability

Laurel Brunner discusses how the Reifenhäuser group are researching recyclable packaging materials and developments. The company is currently working on coatings and sheets plastics that support the circular economy.


Packaging and commercial printing dilemmas

Laurel Brunner discusses the increasing volumes of packaging which generates unprocessable waste. Brands are now working more closely with suppliers to devevlop new materials that can be more easily recycled.


Bobst making the connection

Bobst, an impressive Swiss company founded in the nineteenth century, is one of the world’s top suppliers of finishing systems for labels, flexible packaging, corrugated and folding carton industries. It has production facilities in eleven countries across the globe and has been making gradual steps into digital systems for a few years.


The circular economy could be the next greenwash

Laurel Brunner discusses the risk of the concept of circular economy being used for greenwashing.


Nordic Swan Taking Note

Laurel Brunner discusses one of Europe's best known ecolable, Nordic Swan who focuses on encouraging sustainable development of goods and services.


Xeikon is doing more with less

Xeikon has recently introduced a new program for its digital press customers, to help them improve production efficiencies. This is a hands on effort that users of Xeikon digital presses can implement in order to cut production time, ink and toner consumption, materials waste and energy usage. Laurel Brunner discusses this new program in detail.


Understanding sustainability reporting

Laurel Brunner details the importance of sustainability reporting and how the printing industry is working to transition to a low carbon economy to meet the needs of print buyers with robust Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies.


How To Create Easy And Simple All Over Print Shirts

Many people love it while others hate it, but there's no denying the fact that all-over-printing is one of the hottest new trends in the world of personalised shirts, t-shirts, onesies, and other garments. In this article, we discover what all-over printing is, how this process is achieved, and the differences between sublimation and large-scale screen printing.