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Speciality print: an industry in motion

FESPA's Head of Global Business Development and Global Print Expo, Michael Ryan discusses the upcoming FESPA Global Print Expo 2022 and European Sign Expo 2022 exhibitions. Michael also shares his thoughts on the importance of live events in the industry.


Educating the next generation on digital technology with CMYUK

Debbie McKeegan discusses the importance of the next generation of printers are taught the latest trends in digital technology. CMYUK are offering a unique opportunity at their demonstration centre for 4 creative graduates.

Press Releases

Experience print in motion at FESPA Global Print Expo 2022

FESPA has launched the promotional campaign for its FESPA Global Print Expo 2022 and European Sign Expo 2022 events, scheduled to take place from 31 May – 3 June 2022 at Messe Berlin, Germany.


Adobe removing Pantone colour books from the next release of Adobe CC

Paul Sherfield discusses the decision from Adobe to remove the Pantone colour books from the next version of Adobe CC. Paul shares the technical and financial issues that this may result in.


Insights on design software with Suzanne Smith from CorelDRAW

In this podcast, Debbie McKeegan speaks to Suzanne Smith of CorelDRAW. Suzanne shares her insights, knowledge and expertise regarding design software.


Redefining the Status Quo for on-demand printed production with Parrot Print

In todays’ podcast we talk with Matthew Dahan of Parrot Print. As a young entrepreneurs Matt and his team are redefining the Status Quo for on demand printed production.

People in Print

Marco Roos: mastering the colour matrix

We speak to Color Concepts founder Marco Roos about how he created a company that sits at the cutting edge of colour profiling and print material testing.


FESPA 2021 Visitor Testimonials

Visitors who attended both the FESPA Global Print Expo 2021 and European Sign Expo 2021 on the 12th - 15th October at the RAI exhibition centre in Amsterdam shared their experiences during both events.


Color Concepts launches - The Largest Database of Print Profiles

Color Concepts has launched an online platform that acts as a one-stop resource for print shops and converters.


Stratasys and Adobe launch new 3D print collaboration

Polymer 3D print solutions provider Stratasys has linked up with leading software company Adobe on a new venture offering artists and engineers the ability to create 3D-printed models from digital 3D renderings, without the need for additional technology investment.

People in Print

Mike Scrutton, Adobe: digital print workflows and manufacturing benefits

We speak with Mike Scrutton, Adobe’s Director of Print Technology and Strategy, about how digital technology has helped to keep print relevant in the modern world.

Business Advice

How does the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite benefit wide format printers?

Klaus Vossen, Senior Product Manager for CorelDRAW, on what control the graphics suite can give sign makers and large format printers.


The advancement of digital textile printing technologies with Adobe

In our recent podcast interview with Mike Scrutton, Director of Print Technology and Strategy at Adobe - we discuss how software has a critical role to play in the advancement of digital textile printing technologies.


New Developments for Textile Design Software and Image Workflow for Digital Textile Printing

As we emerge post pandemic, the race to automated production is on. Our industry is switching to a print-on-demand business model, forcing all stakeholders in the supply chain to accelerate the digitisation of their workflows.


A quick guide for printers - working remotely

COVID-19 forced most people to work from home instead of their offices. For printers this means that they will have to get accustomed to having a more remote workforce. How does this affect their workflows?

Press Releases

A broad spectrum of exhibitors set to bring colour back at FESPA Global Print Expo 2021

International screen, digital and textile printing manufacturers are lining up for this year’s FESPA Global Print Expo, which takes place from 12 – 15 October 2021 at the RAI exhibition centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


How to be more productive in LFP and print with confidence

Today´s LFP software and machinery makes it easier than ever to be more productive. However, many digital printers still have an analogue approach to their daily work. So, what does productivity even mean, and what are the correct tools to improve it?

How to Guides

Press-ready files – who is responsible?

FESPA Colour Ambassador Paul Sherfield asks if the client or the printer should ensure that files are press ready.

Business Advice

A new, streamlined PitStop preflight software package from Enfocus

Andrew Bailes-Collins unveils Enfocus’s new and improved functions of this year’s much anticipated preflight software upgrade.


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