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How to energy-audit your business, save money and reduce carbon emissions

Environmental consultant Clare Taylor shares how print businesses can implement better energy management and reduce carbon emissions.


Partnering and sustainability

Partnering is at the heart of sustainability, whether it’s joint projects with customers or in production or in project development. For the most part project development means taking on a technology such as a printing press and helping its developers to refine their invention so that it is fit for purpose. Money only changes hands when everyone is happy.


Epson America champions sustainability in education

Epson America has joined forces with the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) on a new project aimed at promoting sustainability innovation within the higher education in the US.


Sustainable Packaging: Reducing The Impact

Packaging is one of the key growth areas in the printing industry. It’s also a key contributor in the increasing amount of waste. How can printers help to reduce the impact of packaging on the environment?


Large Format Print Finishing and The Environment

There are many ways for printers to print more sustainably. With the correct finishing strategy, the environmental footprint of digital printing can be considerably reduced.


IPI 2021 to present the manufacturing world with impressive line-up of print technology experts

On 23rd – 24th November 2021, the international community of suppliers, integrators, OEMs, researchers, innovators, and decision makers will reconnect at the Dorint Kongresshotel Düsseldorf-Neuss in Neuss to discuss the latest developments in industrial print technology for manufacturing.


Kodak Ascending

At a press conference one year ago Kodak underscored its commitment to digital print media production, restructuring and sustainability. The mantra was repeated recently during the announcement of the Ascend dry ink press, one of this year’s few truly exciting new digital press announcements.

Tomorrow's World

Shaking up the world of interior décor

Curator of Printeriors Debbie McKeegan discusses the new breed of designers and the scientific advancement changing interior décor for ever.


Light pollution – a sensible approach for more sustainable signage

Light pollution can have a far-reaching influence on humans and wildlife alike, affecting our health and showing a serious impact on our climate. Artificial lights dispel the darkness of the night and bathe our cities in light. As such, they disrupt the natural balance of day and night, affecting the quality of our sleep.


Everyone is talking about COP26, but what’s it all about?

Dominic Harris from CarbonQuota explains the importance of COP26 which takes place 31st October - 12th November 2021 in Glasgow.


Are HP Indigo inks compostable?

Laurel Brunner discusses the importance of compostability in inks and how it differs from biodegradability.

Tomorrow's World

Plastics recycling: corporate social responsibility policies at HEXIS

How high sustainability standards and reducing VOCs are keeping customers happy.

Tomorrow's World

Sustainable goals in car wrapping

Elizabeth Park of Avery Dennison on sustainable solutions in car wrapping.


Lexmark makes green commitment with carbon neutral pledge

Imaging solutions provider Lexmark has set out plans to further enhance its environmental credentials by becoming fully carbon neutral by 2035.


Packaging waste still not sorted

It’s been clear for several years that technical advances in the graphics industry are giving way to materials innovations. And as packaging moves into pole position as the most dynamic of print applications, developments in this field are becoming more than interesting.


Helping the Print Industry become Carbon Neutral

The print industry is still adapting and changing due to ramifications of COVID-19. However, the climate crisis requires our attention more than ever. While de-carbonising value and delivery chains seems an inconvenience for printers there are ways to help start this process.


Carbon offsetting explained

To follow on from last month’s interview with Dominic Harris from CarbonQuota, we asked him for some deeper insight into a very familiar phrase that I’m sure everyone will recognise: carbon offsetting.

Business Advice

Latex printing and sustainability

Thom Brown, environmental sustainability and original ink advocate at HP, on HP Latex printing’s energy efficiency.

Tomorrow's World

A beginner’s guide to regenerative capitalism

To address the world’s biggest challenges we need a radical new approach to economics – could regenerative capitalism be the answer?


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