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Packaging waste still not sorted

It’s been clear for several years that technical advances in the graphics industry are giving way to materials innovations. And as packaging moves into pole position as the most dynamic of print applications, developments in this field are becoming more than interesting.


Helping the Print Industry become Carbon Neutral

The print industry is still adapting and changing due to ramifications of COVID-19. However, the climate crisis requires our attention more than ever. While de-carbonising value and delivery chains seems an inconvenience for printers there are ways to help start this process.


Carbon offsetting explained

To follow on from last month’s interview with Dominic Harris from CarbonQuota, we asked him for some deeper insight into a very familiar phrase that I’m sure everyone will recognise: carbon offsetting.

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Latex printing and sustainability

Thom Brown, environmental sustainability and original ink advocate at HP, on HP Latex printing’s energy efficiency.

Tomorrow's World

A beginner’s guide to regenerative capitalism

To address the world’s biggest challenges we need a radical new approach to economics – could regenerative capitalism be the answer?


Let´s get clean: Maintenance in the Printing Industry

Ensuring equipment is clean is an important part of any printer´s daily routine. Doing so ensured that the both your business’s investments and the environment are protected.

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The case for UV LED on performance and durability

EFI on the environmental benefits and energy usage of UV LED.


Going Green with Inkjet

Wide Format Printers are embracing more sustainable business models. The latest innovations introduced into the market help printers to tackle the 3 most significant industry problems: energy, chemicals use and the overall consumption of raw materials.


The advancement of digital textile printing technologies with Adobe

Debbie McKeegan discusses the advancement of digital textile printing technologies and the movement towards a digital workflow. Debbie Interviews Mike Scrutton, Director of Print Technology and Strategy at Adobe.


Circular economies

Laurel Brunner discusses how discusses how aluminium printing plates are infinitely recyclable which contributes towards a circular economy in the print industry.


Embrace Building Wraps turns heads with huge sustainable installation

Embrace Building Wraps has made numerous eco savings after using PVC-free Kavalan Sunlight Weldable material from CMYUK for a giant outdoor art installation.


The Market Shifts towards Pigment – New Developments and Market Trends for Décor and Apparel

As the pandemic draws to a close digital textile printing is continuing to carve an innovative path to the future of printed production. The growth of digital textile pigment printing is continuing apace - driven by its of ease of use, speed of production, cost efficiencies and sustainable attributes.


Printed clothing trend talk: sustainability

In our recent FESPA Innovations & Trends (FIT) virtual event we brought together three printers from across the world to discuss the latest trends in garment decoration and the future of the sector.


Rethinking business models to protect the environment

A big question for today is, looking at the effects they have had, are our current business and economic models working? Are ‘market mechanisms’ balancing demand and protecting the planet and all its services and resources?


On-demand inkjet labelling set to cut C02 emissions by 6.7 million tonnes a year

Moving to on-demand inkjet labelling could help European businesses become significantly more efficient and sustainable, and poitentially save millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year, according to new research from independent consultant Smithers.

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Measuring carbon reduction

Accurate carbon reporting means avoiding greenwash.

Tomorrow's World

Economics, industry and biodiversity

The industry needs new goals to halt the biodiversity crisis. To start with, good energy and waste management can reduce the release of pollutants into the atmosphere.  


Setting out your stall with sublimation print

As an increasing amount of print service providers are using sublimation print to move into new areas, takes a look at some of the latest technologies that could help your business expand into profitable markets

Coffee Break

Watch how to face the challenge of carbon footprinting print products?

Graeme Richardson-Locke speaks with Dominic Harris, Managing Director at Carbon Quota, and Nathan Swinson-Bullough, Managing Director at ImageCo.


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