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Is PDF best for wide format files?

FESPA Colour Ambassador Paul Sherfield answers common questions on PDF/X specifications.

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Marco Roos: mastering the colour matrix

We speak to Color Concepts founder Marco Roos about how he created a company that sits at the cutting edge of colour profiling and print material testing.

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Mike Scrutton, Adobe: digital print workflows and manufacturing benefits

We speak with Mike Scrutton, Adobe’s Director of Print Technology and Strategy, about how digital technology has helped to keep print relevant in the modern world.

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How does the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite benefit wide format printers?

Klaus Vossen, Senior Product Manager for CorelDRAW, on what control the graphics suite can give sign makers and large format printers.

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Press-ready files – who is responsible?

FESPA Colour Ambassador Paul Sherfield asks if the client or the printer should ensure that files are press ready.

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A new, streamlined PitStop preflight software package from Enfocus

Andrew Bailes-Collins unveils Enfocus’s new and improved functions of this year’s much anticipated preflight software upgrade.

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Make savings with colour management software

We asked Michael Deflorian, Business Developer and Manfred Glantschnig, Head of Product Management at Durst Professional Services about their systems.

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Proofing and Approval Cycles - A practical guide

Paul Sherfield offers practical advice on how to best manage your proofing and approval cycles.

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Club FESPA Online expands to 36 languages

Exclusive FESPA members platform, Club FESPA Online expands to 36 languages Club FESPA Online offers over 100 thought-provoking articles that cover a wide range of topics for speciality printers to help improve business practice and increase awareness of industry trends; with new content being added every month.

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How to improve your cyber security

As more printers move their operations or storefronts online, and more workers base themselves at home, they’re more exposed to cyber crime and online fraud than ever before.

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How to eliminate shade variation in inkjet textile printing

Martin Bailey, CTO of Global Graphics Software, shows how printers can make colours uniform and keep buyers happy.

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The power of Photoshop: be the best at retouching

Alex Keese, FESPA Brazil Sales Manager, on how to be a great retoucher.

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How to make your website a joy to use

A clunky website can turn off customers both new and old. Here are some top tips for sprucing up your user experience.

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How to make Instagram a customer magnet

With 95 million photos uploaded to Instagram each day, learn to stand out from the crowd.

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Why automation software makes sense

Automation software reduces errors and speeds up workflows. Are you missing out?

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How to pick the right digital payment option

As the shift to digital payments gathers pace, what are the best options for printers?

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Mass customisation: don’t believe the hype?

Personalisation offers great future potential for printing, but looking past the extravagant promises, what challenges does it present for printers?

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Printing in a multi-substrate world

Colour Consultant Marco Olivotto discussed PDF-X-based workflows and the shift towards an RGB-neutral, new PDF/X-based workflow at the FESPA Global Print Expo 2019 in Munich.

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How to use LinkedIn to connect your business

LinkedIn is an essential online networking tool for thousands of companies and millions of people – but how can PSPs best use it to boost their business?