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Kornit Digital's collaboration at FESPA Printeriors 2022

It’s been a busy year for the team at Kornit Digital. With a string of high-profile global events in the last few months alone, we caught up with Sharon Donovich, Marketing Director for Global Events and Retention Marketing.


Market Trends and Opportunities in Interior Décor with HP

HP technologies have made a huge impact in the Interior Décor industry. In this interview with Terry Raghunath, HP’s Business Development Manager, based in Barcelona, we discuss market trends and opportunities.


Changes and Challenges in the Digital Textile Printing

In today’s podcast we talk with Graine Brennan of Premier Digital Textiles. The last 2 years have challenged the Textiles supply chain, and in this episode, we explore why? What’s driving change, where are the challenges, have we overcome them?


Interior Home Furnishings with The Monkey Puzzle Tree

Charlotte Raffo is the founder of a unique Interior brand The Monkey Puzzle Tree. Based in the North of England the company unites local businesses, manufacturers, and independent artists to offer a beautiful collection printed of Interior home furnishings.


Using digital technololgy to produce interior furnishings and wallcoverings

Diane Marsland is a British textile designer with a vast experience in the design and manufacture of products for Interior decoration. In this warm podcast she shares her creative journey, her passion for printed textiles and how she combines her traditional drawing skills with digital applications.


Fashion Trends, Market Shifts and the Key technologies in 2022 with Kornit Digital

In this interview with Omer Kulka the CMO of Kornit Digital we discuss the Trends, Market Shifts and the Key technologies at play in 2022. All of which are changing the face of Fashion forever.


The need for traceability and transparency in textile printing with Appled DNA Sciences

In todays podcast we discuss the increasing requirement for traceability and transparency with Meilin Wan, VP of Textile Sales for Applied DNA Sciences, based in New York.


Insights on design software with Suzanne Smith from CorelDRAW

In this podcast, Debbie McKeegan speaks to Suzanne Smith of CorelDRAW. Suzanne shares her insights, knowledge and expertise regarding design software.


Redefining the Status Quo for on-demand printed production with Parrot Print

In todays’ podcast we talk with Matthew Dahan of Parrot Print. As a young entrepreneurs Matt and his team are redefining the Status Quo for on demand printed production.


Traditional and Digital Wallcoverings with Surface Print

In this episode we talk with James Watson the MD of Surface Print, a large manufacturer of traditional and digital wallcoverings in the North of England. It’s been a busy year for the wallpaper industry, the pandemic has accelerated sales and once again Surface Print have invested in new HP technology to service a heightened demand for on-demand production.


FESPA Printeriors 2021 - Expert Roundtable Conversation

In this podcast we bring you an interview recorded live in Amsterdam at the FESPA Global Expo in October 2021 at the Printeriors stand.


Emerging technologies and market shifts in fashion with Fabricant

In today’s podcast we talk with Michaela Larosse of the Fabricant. Founded just 3 years ago, The Fabricant have defined a new space and established a new platform for the Fashion Industry.


The advancement of digital textile printing technologies with Adobe

In our recent podcast interview with Mike Scrutton, Director of Print Technology and Strategy at Adobe - we discuss how software has a critical role to play in the advancement of digital textile printing technologies.


Manchester Printing Services finds new opportunity in Interior Décor

Seeing an opportunity in the Interior Décor sector – the business has invested in new equipment, fabric supply and an extensive design archive.


Digital textile printing with Adele Genoni from EFI Reggiani

In our latest podcast we discuss digital textile printing with Adele Genoni the Senior Vice President and General Manager of EFI Reggiani.


SEWorkwear and the importance of software for designing apparel

In this podcast with the companies director Adrian Burton we discuss designing for apparel, where products are printed and embroidered, and how software has enabled growth and a streamlined efficient workflow


The growth of Interior Décor with Michelle Dellow of Papergraphics

In today’s podcast with Michelle Dellow of Papergraphics we discuss the growth of the Interior Décor sector. We touch on technology, materials and regulation, and discuss how ink-jet continues to advance the use of digital print applications for wallcoverings and window treatments.


Sustainable textile materials with Mark Dodds, Fabric Technologist

The landscape of Textiles is evolving – Over the next few years we will see many innovations: new ways of growing virgin fibres, new synthetics and sustainable recycled fabrics - created using efficient recycling techniques, all of which will change the fabrics that we source and specify as designers and printers in a circular industry.


Phil McMullin of Epson UK discusses market trends and technologies

The textile industry is in flux – as it shifts to meet market demands it must adjust and retool its manufacturing processes. Epson technologies have been at the forefront of the digitisation of the print industry for many years.