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Opportunities and innovations for printed Industrial textiles with FUJIFILM

Debbie McKeegan discusses the opportunities and challenges across printed industrial textiles. Debbie speaks to Rachel Li, Segment Marketing Manager - Textile, Sign & Display and Industrial at FUJIFILM Ink Solutions Group.


The importance of investing in sustainable processes and technologies

In today’s podcast we interview Andy Wilson, the owner of PressOn, based in the UK. Andy has been a disruptive force in the wide format printing industry for the last 23 years. His knowledge, insight and experience has ensured that the company has adapted and evolved to meet the changing and often challenging demands of the industry and their clients.


TPS 2022 conference demands change from the industry for a cleaner and more sustainable future

During the first edition of the ESMA Textile Printing and Sustainability conference, 120 participants from 15 countries attended. The conference focused on all critical factors and global trends that are influencing the textile market whilst looking towards the future. This article offers a summary of the presentations that occured on day 2 as well as listing the key trends.


FESPA Australia focuses on sustainability during FESPA Australia Conference 2022

Sustainability was the key theme when a large audience of almost 100 delegates attended the first FESPA Australia conference last week in Sydney's Shangri-la Hotel.


The increasing awareness of sustainability

Laurel Brunner discusses how the Reifenhäuser group are researching recyclable packaging materials and developments. The company is currently working on coatings and sheets plastics that support the circular economy.


Printer recycling: How manufacturers help save the environment

Manufacturing large format printers requires a lot of energy and resources. However, compared to other machinery in the graphic arts industry, such as screen printing or offset lines, their lifespan is much shorter. What happens when printers get recycled and what are manufacturers currently doing to mitigate negative impact?


Supporting the next generation and nurturing sustainable Product Design with GREEN GRADS

Founded in 2021, GREEN GRADS is a not-for-profit initiative targeted at the next generation. Following on from its immediate success last year, the GREEN GRADS story continues to build momentum as the team work diligently to deliver an evolving platform for innovative, sustainable product design. The platform is the brainchild of Barbara Chandler, a renown journalist and lifelong champion of the creative community. For many decades she has supported, encouraged and nurtured design talent.


Industry experts discuss current challenges for the textile industry at ESMA TPS 2022

Debbie McKeegan shares the current challenges that were discussed at the ESMA Textile Printing and Sustainability conference in Dusseldorf. Debbie speaks to CHT Group, Fujifilm and GOTS.


Biodiversity and climate change – the links and the conferences

Clare Taylor shares how climate change drives biosiversity loss and thus worsens climate change and the overall damage it causes. Clare also emphasizes the need to strengthen biodiversity and reducing waste.


Packaging and commercial printing dilemmas

Laurel Brunner discusses the increasing volumes of packaging which generates unprocessable waste. Brands are now working more closely with suppliers to devevlop new materials that can be more easily recycled.


Going green with screen printing in garment decoration

With the environment and green credentials at the top of the agenda for many customers in print, Rob Fletcher looks at how you can use screen printing to offer a more planet-friendly service to clients within the garment decoration market.


ESMA TPS 2022 conference looks towards a sustainable future with the hope of transforming businesses

From 8th – 9th September 2022, the first edition of Textile Printing & Sustainability (TPS) conference took place in Dusseldorf. Participants came from all areas of the textile value chain and came from companies such as Avery Dennison, Fujifilm, Agfa, Epson, Marabu and FESPA. 120 participants from 15 countries attended.


The Next Challenge for Digital Textile Printing – A review of FESPA keynote at TPS 2022

Debbie McKeegan shares key trends and market shifts that were featured in her presentation at the Digital Textile Printing and Sustainability 2022 conference held in Dusseldorf. Debbie details the importance for the print industry to incorporate sustainability into their business.

Tomorrow's World

FESPA UK – leading the way on waste management

We speak to FESPA UK Managing Director Suzi Wilkinson about the first important steps the organisation has taken to help printers with the disposal of material waste.

How to Guides

How to prove your sustainability credentials with an EcoVadis scorecard

The EcoVadis scorecard is helping companies join the dots between suppliers, customers and partners who want sustainable values embedded throughout the value chain.


The ECO STORIES Textile challenge to feature at GREEN GRADS London

The GREEN GRADS Textile Challenge is proud to present ECO STORIES told in pattern on cloth by breakthrough UK talent. Sponsored by Epson, FESPA, Prinfab and Imageco ltd new graduates from art schools across the country were invited by GREEN GRADS to submit a portfolio with patterns that reflect their environmental concerns and/or love of the natural world, taking into account eco-friendly textiles, dyes, and methods of production.


The circular economy could be the next greenwash

Laurel Brunner discusses the risk of the concept of circular economy being used for greenwashing.


Nordic Swan Taking Note

Laurel Brunner discusses one of Europe's best known ecolable, Nordic Swan who focuses on encouraging sustainable development of goods and services.


Climate and energy – planning for tomorrow

Clare Taylor discusses the strategy for fighting climate change, reducing carbon emissions and ensuring energy use is efficient.