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How to be a more efficient and productive printer with automation software

We spoke to Certified Enfocus Partner XChange UK about the best applications of PitStop Pro in wide format printing.

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Vibrant FESPA Global Print Expo 2022 affirms business bounce-back

FESPA Global Print Expo 2022 brought the speciality print community together for four motivational days in Berlin (31st May to 3rd June 2022), in an atmosphere of overwhelming positivity that affirmed the industry’s readiness to bounce back from the challenges of the last two years.

Press Releases

FESPA confirms European event calendar to 2024

FESPA has confirmed the dates of the FESPA Global Print Expo and co-located European Sign Expo for the next two years, heralding a return to two of the events’ most popular host cities and venues. In 2023, the events will take place from 23 to 26 May at Messe Munich, Germany – previously the stage for successful FESPA exhibitions in 1999, 2005, 2010, 2014 and 2019.

Tomorrow's World

Tharstern integrates automated carbon footprinting into MIS

Carbon emissions and offsetting costs are automatically generated with every order or quote.


Technology drives progress

Laurel Brunner discusses how current technologyin the printing industry is driving change and progress regarding sustainabilty.


Automation: a popular topic in large format printing

Between skilled labour leaving the industry and mixed signals about economic recovery, automation is one of the most important issues in the large format printing industry.  Sonja Angerer shares the latest products to help businesses become more productive.


Automation and Customisation ─The Positive Impact of The Digital Workflow

Debbie McKeegan discusses how digital workflow will continue to grow and evolve to deliver seamless manufacturing in the textile industry.

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Reshoring to the rescue? Sustainable resilience in supply chains

Supply chains across the board have been hit hard in recent times. With sustainability also high on the agenda, is it time for companies to bring operations home?


Latest News in Automation: Integrating the Future

Automation is one of the key factors to contributing to making printing a sustainable business opportunity. Sonja Angerer discusses the latest innovations and the importance of building end-to-end solutions.


Wide Format trend talk: automation

In our FESPA Innovations & Trends (FIT) virtual event for wide format print, we brought together three printers from different countries to discuss trends in wide format and hear their thoughts on what the future holds.

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Colour monitoring with environmental data

Why environmental factors can affect printing quality, and how to manage it.

Business Advice

Preserving profit through automation

Kelvin Bell, Sales Director at Vpress, on why small businesses should take the plunge into the brave new world of automation.


Bringing business back: an automated future

The print sector has experienced continuous technological progress for the past 20 years and, as a result, has seen significant productivity benefits and reduced time-to-market. However, the speciality print sector, which FESPA represents, can still do more to achieve significant efficiency gains through process automation, particularly by streamlining workflows.

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Clarity in print automation and the benefits of JDF and XJDF

When it comes to standards and file formats designed for print automation, none are more useful than JDF. We spoke to Dr Rainer Prosi, Chief Technical Officer of CIP4, to find out more.


New Developments for Textile Design Software and Image Workflow for Digital Textile Printing

As we emerge post pandemic, the race to automated production is on. Our industry is switching to a print-on-demand business model, forcing all stakeholders in the supply chain to accelerate the digitisation of their workflows.

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How to use PowerScripts for speed and accuracy

Glenn Wilton at O2 Creative on how his automation software PowerScripts eliminates repetitive tasks and reduces error.

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XML – the first step towards automation

Understanding the different formats and standards used in data transfer is crucial in the journey towards automation. Andrew Bailes-Collins at Enfocus helps us get to grips with XML.


New printers: less waste, more reliability and more energy efficiency

The latest generation of printers are helping printers to become more environmentally friendly and save money in the process.


A quick guide for printers - working remotely

COVID-19 forced most people to work from home instead of their offices. For printers this means that they will have to get accustomed to having a more remote workforce. How does this affect their workflows?