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Microsoft’s bold move

Microsoft and Apple provide the software infrastructure that is important for prepress and workflows in the print industry. Laurel Brunner discusses Microsoft and Apple's current environmental policies.


Digital Textile Printing is making strides in Sportswear

Bert Benckhuysen, the Senior Product Manager at Mimaki Europe BV discusses the current trends in the sportswear market.


Custom tees – a new chapter of digital disruption in sportswear manufacturing at FESPA 2020

Textile printing has long been a key component of FESPA exhibitions, and FESPA Global Print Expo 2020 in Madrid (24th – 27th March 2020) will be no different. It comes as the market is accelerating its adoption of digital inkjet technology in direct-to-garment (DTG) printing to deliver on the growing demand for mass customisation and personalisation.


The European Union’s Green Deal

In December 2019, the European Union (EU) announced that it is investing €100 billion to become the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050. By climate-neutral the EU means that emissions will be balanced with the removal of warming gases from the atmosphere.


HP Indigo inks are compostable

HP Indigo has long been criticised for the tenacity of its inks when it comes to deinking printed matter for recycling. It’s a controversial discussion guaranteed to raise passions, but there are alternatives to deinking digital prints for recycling. One alternative that is gaining attention is composting.


What to look out for at Colour L*A*B* at Global Print Expo 2020

FESPA's Colour Ambassador, Paul Sherfield shares what visitors can expect at this year's Colour L*A*B* at the Global Print Expo 2020. Device Profiling and Product Process Control will be featured.


Processless plate setting continues to advance

Laurel Brunner discusses the importance of processless plates in reducing processing steps from print production lines and increasing environmental sustainability. The main developers of processless plates are Agfa, Kodak and Fujifilm.


Ink recipes keep evolving

Ink contributes only a miniscule amount to the overall carbon footprint of printed matter. But its use, development, manufacture and removal in readiness for substrate recycling can have a substantial impact


Printed newspapers inching closer to the exit

USA Today is one of that country’s few national newspapers. Others include the Wall Street Journal and the Christian Science Monitor, but unlike these titles USA Today may be phasing out its printed versions.


FESPA 2020: can we expect a forward leap in automation?

FESPA Technical Support Manager, Graeme Richarson-Locke discusses the importance of automation in the print industry.


Bottom up progress on climate change mitigation

Laurel Brunner discusses how sustainability has taken a prominent position amongst the customers of printers. Recently that interest has become more frequent and urgent as climate change has become more prevalent amongst political, economical and social agendas.


Toppan Forms pushing the boundaries

Toppan is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with digital print, and improving resource management within Kodak’s sustainability framework.


The European Union and Environmental Impact Mitigation

Laurel Brunner discusses the EU's environmental policies to support an international commercial framework that governs business practises and supply chain management processes.


Process Control for wide format printing

At the recent Fespa Expo in Munich, process control was part of the Fespa Colour LAB and was included in the tour of feature. This seemed to be a new concept to many visitors. This blog with give a little more detail as to where it fits into a colour managed system and workflows.


FESPA HQ: where 'print-spiration' abounds

Shortly after joining FESPA as Technical Support Manager, Graeme Richardson-Locke kick-started a re-design of the FESPA HQ atrium. Graeme tells us more about why he wanted to create this space, and how it came to life with the help of HNS Signs and Banner Box.


Signs of the times

When FESPA’s Technical Support Manager, Graeme Richardson-Locke was tasked with redesigning the FESPA HQ atrium, he enlisted the support of two-time FESPA Award winner and FESPA UK member, HNS Signs.


Unintended consequences

The graphics industry is at the heart of the recycling industry, but when it comes to environmental accountability, how solid are its credentials? This is an impossible question to answer, but that doesn’t mean we should all give up on trying to answer it or on pursuing a green agenda.


Epic journey through desert and snow proves Drytac Polar Chrome's endurance

Drytac's VP of Business Development, Jerry Hill puts Drytac's new metallic print media to the test during an epic cross-country journey.


Processless plates the new reality

Laurel Brunner discusses the significance of processless plates in making the print industry more environmentally friendly.


ISO Standards Update

Laurel Brunner discusses how printing and environmental impact mitigation have had a long and controversial history.