Fashinnovation with Jordana Guimaraes

by Debbie McKeegan | 25/05/2020
Fashinnovation with Jordana Guimaraes

Today we talk to Jordana Guimaraes, the co-founder of Fashinnovation, to discuss the future of Fashion

Based in New York, Jordana Guimaraes and her husband founded the Fashinnovation in 2018, and their most recent Worldwide Talks 2020 event was astounding success…..bringing together international business leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and fashion designers, to inspire and ignite conversations that lead to revolutionary change within the industry. Covid-19 will be a catalyst for change within the Fashion Industry, the supply chain is broken and needs to evolve. Jordana shares her insights on the future of Fashion, and its journey to a digital future and sustainable manufacturing

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