Drytac adds SpotOn White M50 to adhesive film portfolio

by FESPA Staff | 21/08/2017
Drytac adds SpotOn White M50 to adhesive film portfolio

Self-adhesive materials manufacturer Drytac Europe has expanded its SpotOn range with the new White M50 film.

The product has been specifically developed to provide opacity improvements of around 50% compared to the standard SpotOn whites and is available throughout EMEA with immediate effect.

Drytac European and Asia sales director Steve Broad commented: “SpotOn White M50 has been developed in response to customer demand for an easy to apply, printable film with greater opacity. It enables customers to overlay original graphics on different substrate surfaces without show through.”

The latest introduction to Drytac’s product line is a printable 100micron-thick white matte monomeric PVC film and is coated on one side with Drytac’s polyacrylate adhesive, which is protected by a single-sided, siliconised Kraft release liner.

It is compatible with ecosolvent, latex and UV printing technologies and can be repositioned or removed within 12 months of installation.

Launched in 2015 and intended for wall and window applications, the SpotOn range also incorporates its flagship white matte, along with a white gloss, clear gloss, clear matte and the SpotOn Floor 200 wall graphic

The company decided to add SpotOn White M50 to the product portfolio for customers requiring a greater level of opacity, as its light block properties make it up to 50% more opaque than the standard SpotOn White product.

Broad added: “What I’m seeing from the marketplace is that people are looking for our opaque products, along with removability and easy-to-apply, especially in retail. We are seeing lots of specifications from retailers for our products. They are going to the printers and saying ‘We want SpotOn or the ReTac product’." 

Drytac has launched a number of new products recently, including its Protac Anti-Bacterial film, a new film for short-pile carpet graphics and an updated Emerytex laminating film, that was showcased at FESPA 2017 in Hamburg last Spring.

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