What can we possibly gain from lockdown during COVID-19?

by FESPA | 14/04/2020
What can we possibly gain from lockdown during COVID-19?

During these turbulent times regarding COVID-19, Graeme Richardon-Locke discusses how you can fill your knowledge gaps. Discover FESPA's Club FESPA Online articles that covers a wide range of topics.

Amongst the challenges of COVID-19, I feel fortunate that I can work from home and remain productive whilst considering the most useful contribution I can offer to support our member associations globally.

One highlight from last week for me is that our Club FESPA Online articles are to be translated into 34 languages offering the opportunity to reach speciality printers across 100 countries.

Caption: Discover FESPA's Club FESPA Online articles.

With a wide range of topics ranging from technical tips to inspiring interviews with some of Prints most experienced talent, there are more than 70 articles to delve into. This initiative demonstrates our commitment to supporting the existing FESPA printer association membership and hopefully will encourage growth within our National Association network and further afield through FESPA Direct membership.

At a time when most print businesses have seen a collapse in sales, the day is filled with activity to support the future of organisations. I’m sure it’s fair to say that most owners are addressing a range of HR and finance requirements, and doing their best to secure the business whilst we’re in this holding pattern. Having spoken with a number of my colleagues and connections in speciality print communities it is clear that we find ourselves in a rare situation. We have come to an abrupt halt or are facing a significant shortfall in orders. What can we do? Well, it isn’t possible to draw orders from clients who have not immediate needs, so we have to consider what is possible. Let’s think about our continuous professional development. We all have knowledge gaps, areas that truth be told we may be winging it a bit? Whilst you’re not facing the usual situation of being inundated with order throughput why not take a look at increasing your awareness on topics that are going to help on the other side in the ‘next normal’. It may be that you can look at plant maintenance, spring cleaning or getting into resolving problems with particular file types, materials and processes and start to set them straight.

You have time to consider how you can make your business sustainable beyond the current time-frame, addressing how you can reduce energy consumption, research low carbon materials, reduce the waste all to make the company more agile.

I’d like to recommend my top five articles from each section of Club FESPA Online the member content area. If you’re not a member of your National Association you’ll only be able to access the first part of this content. If you like it contact them and see what they can offer to bring you into our international network of speciality print businesses. If you live in a country that doesn’t have a National Association then connect through FESPA Direct you may just find the access to information makes the membership worthwhile.

So, my top five are as follows:


1. What are the UN Sustainable Development Goals and why do they matter?
2. 7 simple steps for textile printers to hit UN Sustainable Development Goals
3. Mass customisation: don’t believe the hype?
4. Showcase sustainability – and future-proof your business
5. Point-of-sale products and the UN Sustainable Development Goals


1. Graeme interviews Michel Caza, founding father and former President of FESPA
2. Sweet smell of success: strawberry-scented graphics on the London Underground by VGL
3. Graeme meets Lorenz Boegli at Atelier fuer Siebdruck in Switzerland
4. Josep Tobella: 30 years of screen printing excellence
5. The view from Mexico: Daniel Sunderland of Canagraf


1. How to achieve perfect colour management on multiple substrates? With Efi and Caldera      
2. How to make Instagram a customer magnet?
3. How to produce eco-friendly fashion?
4. How to pick the right digital payment option?
5. How to dispose of waste cleanly?


1. Why automation software makes sense?
2. Fast fashion, sportswear and sustainability: closing the circle
3. Process control: measuring quality
4. Love your monitor
5. Bringing texture to life: haptics for UV digital imaging

As you can see there’s plenty to read and many sources to acquire the information from, FESPA works hard to present useful, interesting and relevant articles that will bring benefits when planning and prioritising future strategies.

Once again, I wish all of the talented, hard-working and committed members of our speciality printing community every success in progressing back to work soon.

To discover more information about Club FESPA Online and how to gain access to it please visit:


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