Glossary of Terms


The substrate or surface to be printed upon. For inkjets this might be paper, vinyl, wood, glass, metal, textile etc.


Stands for "Microelectromechanical systems."Usually a way of making printheads using techniques similar to silicon chip fabrication. However Memjet is working on a mechanical printhead it calls "Pure MEMS."


In inkjet printing, this is curved surface of the ink at the outside of the nozzle when it is not being fired. The curve is due to a combination of the surface tension of the liquid and the difference in pressure between the liquid and the outside air. This tension stops ink dribbling out from a nozzle when it is not being fired. See Screen mesh, Surface Tension.

Mercury Vapour Lamps

The most commonly used technology for UV-cured inks, whether screen, offset or inkjet processes. There are various types, but they work on the principle of establishing an electrical arc current through a metal vapour in a glass tube. The resulting short circuit generates intense light with a high proportio0n of ultra violet wavelengths.


A patterning effect, usually undesirable, that's produced by optical interference between two or more overlaid sets of closely spaced lines or grids. A common result is the appearance of large diamond patterns on the image.

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