Glossary of Terms


See Adobe Illustrator. A vector drawing program.


The process of arranging pages for printing in sections, used for books, periodicals, newspapers and anything else that has a multi-page, book-like form. A four-page section has a simple pattern, but eight pages and above need ever more complex patterns to ensure that all the pages are the right way up and in the correct order.


In inkjet terms the fluid that is projected through an inkjet head. Normally this will dry or cure to form a visible image, although there are also clear inks and speciality fluids.


A digitally controlled printing technology that projects liquid ink through nozzles onto a substrate. There are many variations of printhead technologies for projecting the ink, and many different formulations of ink. Inkjets are used to produce graphical documents, photographs, signage etc, but also for industrial processes such as electronics, decorative laminates, textiles, and screen process mesh stencils.

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