Why you can't afford to miss Printeriors this year

by FESPA | 27/04/2017
Why you can't afford to miss Printeriors this year

With FESPA 2017 nearly upon us, Rob Fletcher looks ahead to the co-located Printeriors and finds out how this dedicated event can help visitors access key information about the interior décor market.

Interior decoration is one of the most creative and colourful sectors of the print industry. The possibilities for printed applications for this market are arguably endless and we are seeing more innovative ideas come to fruition on a regular basis.

But how can you gain access to this work and, if you do, how do you ensure that you are producing quality work for customers? Next month, Printeriors will take place alongside FESPA 2017 at the Hamburg Messe in Germany, and serve as a hub of information for those seeking advice and guidance in the interior design market.

Print has been involved with interior décor print for hundreds of years, but in the last few years, we have seen an increase in new, print-inspired applications, and there are opportunities for even more growth here.

So, for those planning to attend the main FESPA event in Germany, what might also be in store for them at Printeriors and why should they consider attending?

Showcasing a broad range of opportunities

Printeriors will be mainly based in the lower Hall B2 area of the Hamburg Messe, where visitors and exhibitors can find examples of print solutions in interior décor. 

The event will showcase a wide range of printed décor, furnishing and fixtures as part of an effort by organisers to demonstrate the many opportunities for print in this market. While some of the products will be the more traditional types of work, others will be example of how print has helped this market develop and expand with innovative creations.

Amongst the applications that will be shown at Printeriors are wall décor, wallpaper, furniture, decals, wall art, ceramic tiles, flooring, glass, textiles, lighting and accessories.

The Printeriors website set out the aim of the event: “Showcasing the broad range of business opportunities available within the printed interior design industry, Printeriors will attract both local and international visitors, each looking to expand their knowledge of this emerging market and generate business.

“This is your opportunity to forge brand new connections with designers and printers, to further grow the demand for printed interiors and to enhance your business.”

Learning from the best at Printeriors


Digital printed wall, flor and ceiling application, furniture decor and other surfaces can communicate your CI values. CI graphic design for corporate office interior or exterior by designer Birgit Spielvogel. 

The main highlight for many visitors will be the special conference programme that has been put together by organisers to allow those in attendance to pick up hints and tips as to how to succeed with print within the interior deign sector.

The Conference will take place on May 11 and will be completely free to attend, featuring experts from across the market. Jennifer Castoldi, chief creative director at Trendease International, will kick-start the programme at 10am with a session on the opportunities for digital print in home fashion.

Next up at 10:40, Birgit Spielvogel, textile and wall designer at CI Office Design, will then look at the design process for printed interiors, picking out key points such as what decorators and interior designers look for in work, as well as the type of images that stand out most.

FESPA caught up with Spielvogel ahead of the event: “In regards to sustainability, digitally printed products have a great advantage over analogue printed mass production. Instead of overproduction, interior products can be printed on demand and therefore be highly individual and flexible. This is both environmentally and customer friendly.

“From an economical perspective, digital printed interior will play a big role in the future. In regards to print design, room styling and material, it will take some time, until the market and all its players will adapt to the change. Years of traditional supplier chains may break off, new ways must be found. Customers and end consumers are used to certain looks and styling choices.

Printeriors will be a good event to understand all the different parts of the upcoming role digital prints are playing in interior; what possibilities and what market demands are there. It is learning, seeing, understanding more about digital printing and interior design and getting a wider perspective.”

Screen Shot 2017 04 24 at 15.58.20

AD Graphics aims to transform blank areas into new renovated spaces that can open customer’s eyes by adding something unique. 

At 11:00, Rick Thompson, president of AdGraphics will focus on how designs are using vinyl in extraordinary ways to offer even more creativity in the interior décor market. Debbie McKeegan, creative director at Digetex, will take to the stage at 11:20am for a deeper look into the creative potential of textiles.

Speaking ahead of Printeriors, McKeegan shared her views with FESPA: “Digital print offers all creative businesses a new platform of opportunity. During the session at FESPA 2017, I will be focusing on design, studio workflow and the creative opportunities offered by digital manufacturing, as well as sharing some of my experiences as a creative in a digital world.

“Digital print offers an exclusive method for interior practitioners and designers to create unique products and schemes for their clients. For companies large and small, utilising digital products will generate a bedrock of innovative design.

“Having spent my life in the textile industry I specialise in all aspects of design, product development, manufacturing process, workflow and marketing for our digital print companies. It’s always good to connect with the creative industry at events and hope that the audience at FESPA will ask lots of questions and that we have a collaborative event.”

Nic Raz, head of the architect division at Dip-Tech, will lead a session at 11:40 on the digital innovations in glass work within the interior design market. Then, at midday, Gregorio D. Agawin, designer at Meystyle, will take a look at the possibilities for LED in wallpaper work.

Delegates will have the opportunity to network and talk with both the speakers and other visitors about the interior design market and the opportunities it offers in terms of printed work. And for those that want to gain further insight into this sector, visitors will be encouraged to browse the Printeriors feature area in Hall B2 lower.


Meystyle's mission is to rescue walls from the background, integrating bold patterns with LEDs and crystals to create a deep visual experience.

Greg Agawin of Meystyle, a specialist in LED wallpaper and fabric, told FESPA that he is excited to be involved in an event that will showcase so many opportunities to visitors.

Agawin said: “We are very excited by this opportunity to be a part of Printeriors, an event that serves as a platform for both design and print technologies to communicate, which we believe will deliver expansion in both fields forming a strong and valuable bond.

“We feel there’s a real need to rekindle a bond between design and digital printing, which without exciting experimentation and the constant pushing of expectations would not be possible. Historically, there are no interiors without print, so we are thrilled to bridge once again design and production.

“With the ever-present possibility of overlooking progressive technology in design, at Meystyle we are constantly exploiting and questioning digital print for interior, which would not be possible without keeping up to date with the vast array of new technologies and materials on offer.”

This year, FESPA 2017 will operate under the banner ‘Dare to print different’, and Printeriors offers visitors the chance to find out how they can do just this by setting new trends in the interior design market.

To register for this year’s edition of Printeriors at FESPA 2017, visit the official registration site and enter the special code ‘PRNH710’ for free entry.

To find out more about the event and the conference programme, visit the event’s website: www.printeriors.fespa.com

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