Top 20 Signs and Displays of 2018

by FESPA | 27/03/2019
Top 20 Signs and Displays of 2018 picks out some of the best examples of sign and display work from the past 12 months

Signs and displays come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Digital technology has helped push the boundaries of this sector, with marketers and brands having access to all sorts of possibilities when promoting their products.
From digital signage that interacts with consumers, to giant displays that travel the seas with holiday-makers on a cruise ship, new developments in this market are plentiful and exciting. looks back over the past 12 months and looks at some of the most innovative designs in this market…

World-first for TOPPAN Printing and E Ink

Caption: Image courtesy of E Ink Holdings

Designer: TOPPAN Printing
Description: Tokyo-headquartered TOPPAN Printing used Advanced Color ePaper from E Ink Holdings to produce what it said is the world’s first digital point-of-purchase sign, using a full-colour Electronic Paper Display (EPD). The signage does not require any power at the  

Signage on the move

Caption: Image courtesy of PerceptIn

Designer: PerceptIn
Description: Visual intelligence company PerceptIn has taken signage to another level with its DragonFly Intelligent Advertising Vehicle. The new device makes usually-static signage mobile, exposing the sign and its content to more people. The DragonFly Intelligent Advertising Vehicle will launch in the US early in 2019.

Shop until you drop with record-breaking Samsung

Caption:  Image courtesy of Samsung

Designer: Samsung Electronics/ Plaza Norte
Description: Premier Peru shopping destination Plaza Norte joined forces with Samsung to install the largest digital-out-of-home LED signage in South America. The Samsung XA160F SMART LED Signage outdoor display measures in at a huge 487sq m.

JCDecaux and Zaha Hadid Design light up London

Caption: Image courtesy of JCDecaux

Designer: JCDecaux / Zaha Hadid Design
Description: JCDecaux commissioned globally renowned Zaha Hadid Design to create this spectacular advertising structure in Kensington, London. The site features a curvilinear ribbon of matt steel, framing a curved digital screen, with a digital screen measuring 26 x 6m.

Leading the esports revolution

Caption: Image courtesy of Absen

Designer: Absen
Description: Although still a relatively new concept, esports has gathered a huge audience around the world, with millions tuning in every week to see how their favourite players and teams are getting on. G-League, the first major, established tournament, worked with Absen to install this impressive LED display for its G-League 2018 competition in Shanghai.

Dancing for your dinner!

Caption: Image courtesy of JCDecaux

Designer: McDonald’s / JCDecaux Colombia
Description: Global fast food brand McDonald’s partnered JCDecaux Colombia on this campaign to celebrate 50 years of the Big Mac. Consumers were challenged to copy a dance on the digital screen; those who succeeded were awarded a ‘Mac Coin’, which they were able to exchange for a free Bog Mac burger.

Samsung sets world-first with UHD video wall

Caption: Image courtesy of Samsung

Designer: Samsung
Description: Samsung Display Company set new levels of innovation in 2018 by developing the world’s first ultra-high definition (UHD) video wall panel. The 46-inch, 3x3 Full HD installation offers resolution four times higher than FHD video walls currently available on the market, according to Samsung.

Serving up a solar treat at Roland Garros

Caption: Image courtesy of JCDecaux

Designer: JCDecaux / French Tennis Federation
Description: JCDecaux produced these solar-powered bus shelter signs for the Roland Garros French Open tennis tournament. Working with organiser the French Tennis Federation, JCDecaux installed three shelters with photovoltaic roofs for the two-week period of the competition. The roof produced enough energy to power the display box and the LED lighting of the ceiling lamp at night.

Creating a new landmark in Russia

Caption: Image courtesy of Unilumin Group

Designer: Unilumin Group / Gorizont LED
Description: LED application products and integrated solutions provider Unilumin Group joined forces with Gorizont LED to produce this eye-catching display at Rostov Shopping Centre in Russia. The screen had to be carefully integrated into the sloping design of the building.

Signage helps Premier League club supersize commercial offering

Caption: Image courtesy of ADI
Designer: ADI
Description: Stadium technology specialist ADI helped English Premier League football club Wolverhampton Wanderers expand its commercial opportunities with digital signage. The double perimeter LED system can either run as a single display or be split into two, meaning the club can double branding exposure with the push of a button.

Make your own Baileys

Caption: Image courtesy of JCDecaux

Designer: JCDecaux Colombia / Baileys
Description: JCDecaux Colombia joined forces with Baileys on this interactive digital signage campaign. Playing a game on the digital sign, consumers were able to create their dream Baileys milkshake.

Setting sail with the largest LED screen at sea

Caption: Image courtesy of ProntoTV

Designer: ProntoTV
Description: MS Roald Amundsen, the world’s-first hybrid powered expedition cruise ship, recently set sail with the tallest LED screen at sea. Developed by ProntoTV, the display measures in at 17.5m high and spans some seven decks on board the cruise ship, displaying a live 360-degree feed from the ship’s mast, underwater drone coverage and a host of other content.

The Saints go marching in with innovative signage

Caption: Image courtesy of ADI

Designer: ADI
Description: Southampton was another Premier League club that took advantage of new technologies to increase its commercial appeal to fans around the world. Working with ADI, the club installed signage that changes depending on where in the world fans are watching televised games. The content on the signs is tailored to specific geographical regions.

One small step for man, one giant leap for digital signage

Caption: Image courtesy of RMG Networks

Designer: RMG Networks
Description: Visual communications specialist RMG Networks produced a range of new signage for the world-famous Kennedy Space Centre, the launch site of many NASA space missions. The highlight of the project was this signage that was installed on the Astronaut Training Experience attractions, where visitors can try their hand at qualifying to become an honorary astronaut. 

Scoring a winner at the Real Madrid World of Football

Caption: Image courtesy of BrightSign

Designer: Immersiv / BrightSign
Description: Immersiv joined forces with BrightSign to create this impressive installation at the Real Madrid World of Football, a state-of-the-art, digital and physical interactive football experience. Visitors were welcomed by two video walls, each with eighteen 49” HD panels powered by 12 XT243 BrightSign players programmed by Amped.

Breaking records with tvONE

Caption: Image courtesy of tvONE

Designer: Sysco / PSCo / tvONE
Description: AV system integrator Sysco teamed up with UK distributor PSCo to install Europe’s largest ceiling-mounted LED screen at London’s Fen Court. Using tvONE’s CORIOmaster mini video to drive the system, the display features a live feed from the roof of the building, making it seem as if the outside is indoors.

Celebrating the women of Birmingham

Caption: Image courtesy of Signs Express Birmingham SW

Designer: Signs Express Birmingham SW
Description: The Signs Express Birmingham SW franchise created this special application to mark International Women’s Day. The giant book, named ‘Once Upon a Time in Birmingham: Women Who Dared to Dream’ was installed at the city’s Victoria Square. The double-sided 3mm aluminium book measured in at 2,700mm x 1,950mm x 300mm, featuring a gloss with digitally printed detail for decoration

Turning number plates digital

Caption: Image courtesy of Reviver

Designer: Reviver
Description: Although perhaps not seen as a traditional sign or display, number plates are one of the most common form of displays in the world, and now they are going digital thanks to US company Reviver. Rplate is the world’s first digital number plate platform, replacing the standard stamped metal licence plate in the US. Rplates are currently being sold in California and Arizona and have full approval in Michigan.

Golden moment for HNS Signs

Caption: Image courtesy of HNS Signs

Designer: HNS Signs
Description: We couldn’t finish our top 20 without honourable mentions for two of our winners at the FESPA Awards 2018. HNS Signs took home a Gold award after delivering a mix of traditional sign-writing with a classic edge to support the opening of two new Ted Baker stores in Bicester and Oxford.

Sporting effort from The Look Company

Caption:  Image courtesy of The Look Company

Designer: The Look Company
Description: Our second FESPA Awards 2019 winner is The Look Company, which won a Silver award in recognition of this project. The company helped brand the office interiors for the Supreme Committee, the highest authority for Sports in Qatar.

Advances in both print and digital technologies are likely to push this sector even further forward over the next year and beyond, as brands and marketers work with experts in the industry to develop new and innovative ideas.
To keep up to date with the latest movements in this market, industry members can visit the FESPA European Sign Expo 2019, which will this year again take place at the main FESPA Global Print Expo in Munich, Germany. It is Europe's largest exhibition for non-printed signage and visual communications. Over 4 days visitors will have the opportunity to experience the latest products and innovations on display from over 100 exhibitors. Please use promo code ESEH901 to register for free.

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