The top 20 printed t-shirts and garments of 2014

by FESPA | 05/03/2015
The top 20 printed t-shirts and garments of 2014

Rob Fletcher take a look back at some of the printed t-shirts and other items of clothing that got people talking during 2014.

Print has established itself as a key technology in the world of fashion. Whether it is leopard skin print for a certain Spice Girl or helping set the latest trends on the catwalks of Milan, many designers opt for print as a way to help bring their products to life.

This was definitely the case in 2014 with a whole host of items that made their way to market featuring some sort of print. So, in no particular order, here are some of the products – some loved, some not so much – that got designers and consumers alike talking in the last 12 months.

Mokatbis – Moustache Kate Moss Tee


Designer: ElevenParis

Printer: Unknown

Description: Simple design t-shirt, worn by a number of celebrities

Picture: Courtesy of


Daft Punk themed jacket

Daft Punk

Designer: Zego Promotion & Logistik

Printer: Zego Promotion & Logistik

Description: Inspired by music duo Daft Punk, the jacket was honoured with the ‘Best in Show’  at the FESPA Awards in 2014

Picture: Courtesy of Zego Promotion & Logistik


Vladimir Putin t-shirt series


Designer: Vse Putyom

Printer: Unknown

Description: Series of 15 t-shirts showing Russian president Vladimir Putin in various guises supported by slogans such as ‘The Most Polite Man’ and ‘They’re Not Gonna Get Us’. At launch, up to 5,000 were being sold each day – including to Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke (pictured).

Picture: Courtesy of The Independent


Fawcett Society – Elle UK/Whistles campaign


Designer: Fawcett Society

Printer: Unknown

Description: T-shirt worn by a number of political figures in the UK as part of pro-female campaign. MP Harriet Harman, Deputy Leader of the Labour party, even wore the t-shirt to a Prime Minister’s Questions session

Picture: Courtesy of @HarrietHarman


Samuel L. Jackson – I’m Not Laurence Fishburne


Designer: Unknown

Printer: Unknown

Description: After being mistaken for fellow actor Laurence Fishburne in a US TV interview, Samuel L. Jackson responded by wearing this t-shirt to press interviews for ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’. To view the now famous Jackson-Fishburne mistake, click here (

Picture: Courtesy of Digital Spy


Gap/Visionaire – UV-sensitive ink t-shirts



Designer: Various – including Yoko Ono, Richard Phillips and Roe Ethridge

Printer: Unknown

Description: The t-shirts feature special UV-sensitive ink that changes colour when exposed to direct sunlight

Picture: Courtesy of Gap


PETA – anti-fur/animal skin/meat campaign


Designer: Black ScoreSimeon Farrar

Printer: Black Score (in-house)

Description: Series of t-shirts discouraging the use of animal fur and skin for clothing, as well as encouraging people to give up eating meat

Picture: Courtesy of Vogue


Versace – 2014 Fifa World Cup


Designer: Donatella Versace

Printer: Unknown

Description: Produced especially for the 2014 Fifa World Cup football tournament, the t-shirt was available to purchase for the small matter of £410

Picture: Courtesy of Versace – Sochi 2014



Printer: (in-house)

Description: Poking fun at the now famous malfunctioning snowflake that failed to open during the opening ceremony of the 2014 winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia

Picture: Courtesy of


Macaulay Culkin/Ryan Gosling – t-shirt war


Designer: Macaulay Culkin/Ryan Gosling

Printer: Unknown

Description: In a seemingly endless battle, Hollywood stars Macaulay Culkin and Ryan Gosling have taken to wearing t-shirts with each others’ faces on. This has escalated to a point where Macaulay Culkin was most recently seen wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Macaulay Culkin wearing Ryan Gosling wearing Macaulay Culkin wearing Ryan Gosling wearing Macaulay Culkin…

Picture: Courtesy of Twitter 


BBC Children in Need 2014 official t-shirt


Designer: Giles Deacon

Printer: Unknown

Description: Designed by Giles Deacon, this was the official t-shirt for the 2014 BBC Children in Need charity effort – featuring the famous Pudsey Bear

Picture: Courtesy of BBC Children in Need


Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust – Angelina Jolie


Designer: Optima

Printer: Total Clothing / Trent Casuals

Description: Originally designed to raise money for the organisation, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust sent one of its ‘Ay up mi Duck’ t-shirts to Angelina Jolie after the Hollywood star used the famous East Midlands phrase to introduce Derby-born Jack O’Connell at the 2014 Hollywood Film Awards.

Picture: Courtesy of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust


Printdesigns Limited – FESPA Fabric 2014 winner


Designer: Mark Thompson – Printdesigns Limited

Printer: Printdesigns Limited

Description: Mark Thompson of Printdesigns Limited held off competition from 46 entries to win this FESPA Fabric 2014 t-shirt design competition, taking home the €250 prize.

Picture: Courtesy of FESPA


Morrissey – animal rights t-shirts


Designer: Morrissey

Printer: Unknown

Description: Well known for his opposition of meat consumption, Morrissey has unveiled a range of new t-shirts depicted his hatred for such activities. This example is one of the less subtle designs in the range.

Picture: Courtesy of Mporium


Metallica – Glastonbury appearance criticism


Designer: Metallica

Printer: Unknown

Description: After receiving criticism ahead of their appearance at the famous Glastonbury music festival, Metallica jokingly rebranded themselves ‘Glastallica’ to show the band is not all about heavy metal music.

Picture: Courtesy of Chris Hodgson


Victoria Beckham – World Aids Day


Designer: Victoria Beckham

Printer: Unknown

Description: Designed by Victoria Beckham, the limited edition white t-shirt features a screen-printed logo, the symbol of World AIDS Day. Money raised from sales of the £90 t-shirt went to Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS.

Picture: Courtesy of


Graduate Fashion Week – George design competition


Designer: James Holmes

Printer: Unknown

Description: Teenage designer James Holmes won a competition run by George as part of the UK’s Graduate Fashion Week. His direct onto garment digitally printed t-shirts have been sold in George outlets across the UK.

Picture: Courtesy of


Arsenal FC – derby day victory t-shirt



Designer: Arsenal FC

Printer: Unknown

Description: In homage to Arsenal player Theo Walcott’s cheeky 2-0 gesture to the fans of fierce rivals Tottenham Hotspur, the football club designed a new t-shirt to commemorate last season’s win.

Picture: Courtesy of Instagram and Twitter


KISS – Hard Rock – City Of Hope – 2014 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame


Designer: KISS

Printer: Unknown

Description: The limited-edition t-shirts feature an original design by the band and were produced as part of a collaboration between Hard Rock International, City Of Hope and the 2014 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Revenue from shirt sales went to help the City Of Hope initiative.

Picture: Courtesy of


David Bailey print t-shirts


Designer: David Bailey/The Bleach Room

Printer: Unknown

Description: Legendary photographer David Bailey teamed up with The Bleach Room design studio to create a range of t-shirts featuring print of his most famous work. T-shirts were made available at Selfridges for $115.

Picture: Courtesy of

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