Zünd unveils high-powered RM-L router option

by FESPA Staff | 19/01/2017
Zünd unveils high-powered RM-L router option

Zünd has upgraded its range of solutions with the launch of the RM-L router option which enhances power, versatility and automation.

The powerful spindle delivers 3.6 kW of processing power for acrylics, polycarbonates, Dibond, Forex, and MDF, making heavy-duty routing ever more efficient.

Day-to-day production for a print service provider tends to be diverse and challenging. From plexiglass and polycarbonate to aluminum, Dibond, MDF and other wood products, many substrates consist of materials that require different processing methods. This diversity complicates the finishing process and increases the need to have the right tool for the job at hand.

In response, Zünd is introducing a new high-performance routing system capable of routing, engraving and polishing the most challenging materials efficiently and with superb precision.

The manufacturer says the new router can open up new possibilities in terms of performance and applications. Dense, hard materials can now be processed at much greater speeds and cutting depths than other options on the market.

This reduces the number of passes required and significantly increases throughput. To ensure sustained performance and efficiency, the spindle is water-cooled. In addition, a high-performance dust extraction system helps keep the working area clean, which further contributes to overall productivity.

Users will also benefit from a minimal quantity lubrication (MQL) system that keeps the bit lubricated to minimize friction, allowing for greater acceleration and processing speeds.

An intelligent surface compensation system determines the thickness of the material and detects inconsistencies. During processing, the system reliably compensates for any variances by making the necessary depth adjustments. Particularly for engraving applications, this effectively prevents quality issues arising from differences in material thickness by maintaining constant routing depths.

Additional features include a ER-16 that collets ensure perfect concentricity and maintain reliable retention, and a ARC HSK automatic tool charger that  takes care of handling and changing router bits. The magazine can accommodate up to eight different preloaded collet holders.

According to the manufacturer, fully automated tool changing significantly increases overall levels of production automation and throughput.

"Tool changeover times are reduced to a minimum, which significantly impacts productivity. This is especially true for workflows that involve many different types of custom or short-run jobs or complex designs that call for several different bit sizes and types."

According to Zünd the 3.6 kW RM-L router combined with automatic tool changer results in unprecedented routing efficiency and profitability.

The company will use FESPA Asia 2017, from 15-17 February at BITEC Bangkok in Thailand, to showcase its latest products and developments. 

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