Unlock your creativity with Ghost at FESPA 2017

by FESPA | 23/03/2017
Unlock your creativity with Ghost at FESPA 2017

First-time exhibitor Ghost White will showcase a wide range of white print solutions to inspire creativity and improve personalisation in print projects.

We caught up with Ghost White founder David Kandelhardt to find out more about the technologies and solutions that will be on display, as well as why he would encourage startups to exhibit at this year's show.

Ghost is going to be exhibiting at FESPA 2017 in Hamburg for the first time. How did that come about and what are your hopes at the event?

After visiting FESPA Digital 2016 in Amsterdam, we realised FESPA could be a great platform to promote our solutions and the best place to showcase our new products.

With a broad range of visitors including marketing executives, designers, production managers and people who are looking to differentiate their products from competitors, we can meet our real target audience in person.

In addition to this, FESPA is a good place to meet partners and potential resellers as well as generating sales, promoting our brand and developing effective partnerships with other industry companies.

Are you launching or debuting any new technology or products?

At FESPA 2017, we will be showcasing our wide range of white print solutions. Most white printing solutions are expensive systems designed only for this single purpose.

However, with Ghost White toner, printing and transferring white designs is cost-effective and easy. By replacing the black toner cartridge with the Ghost White Toner cartridge, every laser printer can operate as a white toner printer.

White designs can be printed directly onto transfer foils, stickers and colored paper. In addition to this, Ghost White Toner cartridges are available for a large number of different presses such as HP, Canon and Lexmark.

What are the benefits of those products?

Having a unique product is the key to success for any textile printing company. Customers, whether businesses or end users, now more than ever look for great design and original creativity.

As a startup, our aim is to help customers create great products and stand out by using Ghost White Toner. This will give customers the opportunity to print white color on coloured, black or transparent paper, with their existing laser printer.

Customers no longer need to invest in expensive white toner printers, as they can print onto many materials including cotton, wood, leather, textiles, metal and glas, using the transfer media for toner transfer.

What else have you got up your sleeve in terms of product offering?

We offer a one-stop-solution in our online shop. Customers can get anything from transfer-paper to high quality colored cards and sheets to toner and transfer presses. Ghost also offers attractive starter packs, that include a HP Color Laserjet, a Ghost White Toner cartridge and guidelines to get started with white toner printing.

Why would you recommend people attend FESPA 2017?

FESPA is always worth a visit. Besides the fact that all leading companies from the printing sector will be exhibiting there, FESPA features a great educational program that inspires visitors every year. Being German, I love the choice of Hamburg as the show host city, and the Hamburg Messe is a great venue for such a big show.  

What are the growth ambition for your business?

We are not looking for quick money! We have invested a lot to create a great product that can inspire our customers. Our main aim is to build strong and profitable long lasting customer relationships, and FESPA is the best place to do that along with promoting our brand in the global market.

What do you think Ghost will look like in another five years?

I have no clue! But I hope we will be doing great. At the moment, we are shiping worldwide from our German warehouse, but in the future, we would like to have distributors on all major continents so that can secure faster and cheaper deliveries for our customers.

Of course, we also strive to create more white toner products for more printers in the market, but our biggest goal is to inspire customers to be creative across the board. We are looking forward to FESPA 2017 and to hearing people say: ‘Look, what I have created with my Ghost.’

Register for free to visit FESPA 2017

Industry members that are keen to learn more about the white printing solutions of Ghost can visit the manufacturer on the stand B6-B65 at FESPA 2017.

Taking place from May 8-12 at the Hamburg Messe, in Hamburg, Germany, the exhibition will play host to many major brands from across the global market.

For more information on FESPA 2017, the companies that will exhibit and to sign up to attend as a visitor, please visit:

Delegates can save 70€ entry fee to the exhibition by registering via the website and quoting reference code: FESG702. Discover how a visit to FESPA 2017 can benefit your business and register today.

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