Shining a light on new opportunities at the European Sign Expo

by FESPA | 23/04/2018
Shining a light on new opportunities at the European Sign Expo speaks to companies exhibiting at the European Sign Expo 2018 to find out more about the various services they offer and what we can expect from them at the event in May. Rob Fletcher talks to I Do Advertising.

Next month, members of the global sign-making industry will descend on Berlin in Germany for the European Sign Expo 2018. Taking place alongside the FESPA Global Expo, this year’s event will play host to a wide range of companies from around the world, covering all areas of the sign-making sector.
Visitors that were in attendance will notice a lot of familiar faces, with a number of companies that exhibited in 2017 returning this year to take full advantage of the platform that ESE offers.
One such company is I Do Advertising, a Bulgarian firm with more than 20 years’ of experience in design and production of signage and displays. From indoor and outdoor signage, to POS displays, the company is able to offer a host of services to customers. spoke with Veronika Boeva, owner of I Do Advertising, ahead of ESE to find out a bit more about the business, its services and what we can expect from the company next month. Can you tell us about your company and the services that you offer to the market?
Veronika Boeva: We have our own production facilities and printing houses that allow us to provide high quality products with competitive prices and flexible delivery terms. If you need a customised product, with different materials combined such as wood, metal, acrylic or PVC, then we are your company, because this is what we do with passion and perfection.
The main products and services we offer are manufacturing and installation of outdoor and indoor signage, production of point-of-sale materials, A-boards and advertising stands. We have in-house creative team of highly-skilled graphic and 3D designers, project and sales managers, who work individually with the customer.
What would you say was the biggest achievement for I Do Advertising in 2017?
2017 was a very successful and interesting year for us with lots of unique orders and also because we launched a new product called FlipLight. The most important job with that we are proud is that our team, together with our 3D designers, developed this unique and innovative product that is perfect for all exhibitions and different events like promotions and conferences.
FlipLight is a unique range of counters with quick set up, taking less than 30 seconds with only two or three quick moves. Thanks to the special design and materials, it weighs between 5-6 kg and folds in two parts. After your event ends, you can store FlipLight in its special handy bag.
We needed lightweight, easily portable and beautifully illuminated display to meet the demands of our partners and people who wanted to stand out above everyone else, to make an eye-catching, breathtaking impression to their customers.
After research on the international markets, we found that the existing displays are illuminated, but extremely heavy and difficult to set up. They are portable, but not illuminated, with lots of parts being custom-printed, expensive and difficult to rebrand.
After much hard work, we came up with this great product, which has since been developed and the range extended further. Now, our partners can use also oval totem, double tradeshow/reception desk, promo tube and a showcase.
How has business been so far for I Do Advertising this year?
2018 started really strong for our company with lots of opportunities. Since the beginning of this year, our partners affirmed their trust in our professionalism and our ability to produce the most unique projects with which to meet their expectations.
We have also had huge success with FlipLight, and we hope that this year we will find more partners around the world who believe in the uniqueness of FlipLight like we do. There is no other product like ours on the market.
 Why have you decided to return to ESE this year and what are your key goals for the event?
The hall in Berlin is great; we are investing in a stand that is specially designed by our 3D designers, so we hope to grab some additional attention.
We would love to meet not only new clients, but also new partners there. We would also like to meet serious people from different countries and to find dealers for our newly launched product, Fliplight. This is really important to us.
FlipLight is the only illuminated, portable, easy-to-use and lightweight display of its kind on the market. We have already met lots of new partners and people in the US who have seen the capabilities of FlipLight and the impression it makes at first sight. We will be more than happy to find trusted partners in Europe as well. 
 Aside from Fliplight, what else will you be showcasing at ESE 2018?
Fliplight will be one of the products, but we will present our core business as well: custom-made POSM. All guests of FESPA who decide to come to our stand will have the pleasure to see from first-hand our items made from unique combinations of metal, wood, PVC, LED and many other materials – something which distinguishes us from all other exhibitors.
To find out more about the European Sign Expo, see the full exhibitor list and to see information about how you can register to attend, visit the event’s official website:

For free entry use code ESEJ802 when registering. 

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