New scheme diverts more print waste from landfill

by FESPA Staff | 01/12/2017
New scheme diverts more print waste from landfill

Prismm Environmental has launched a Zero Foil 2 Landfill scheme, in conjunction with the BPIF, to reduce foil waste ending up in landfill.

It follows the blueprint of the Zero Labels 2 Landfill scheme which has already diverted more than 42,000 tonnes of label waste from landfill.

While foil waste generated through print processes can be recovered, its bulky format means that many mainstream waste contractors are reluctant to collect it as they are unable to offer viable and sustainable recovery routes.

Under the new scheme, the company is able to process foil waste and avoid sending it to landfill. There are no restrictions on collection quantities, with collections ranging from 600kg up to 26 tonnes.

"FMCG brand owners and supermarkets are increasingly putting pressure on the supply chain to improve their environmental solutions, and that includes the recovery of materials that have previously been considered difficult to manage," explained Prismm managing director Mike Jackson.

"Foil falls into this category because the logistics of moving it are difficult without a scheme that delivers economies of scale. The Zero Foil 2 Landfill scheme addresses this logistical problem meaning that there is now a viable way to recover foil."

The new system is available to trial for three months. "There's no contract and no commitment, but we know this is a service they need and that they'll see benefits straight away," said Jackson. 

Those that sign up to the scheme will receive Certificates of Destruction for all foil collections and will be eligible to apply for Zero Foil 2 Landfill certification from the BPIF. Scheme members will also be able to display the Zero Foil 2 Landfill logo on all PR materials.

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