HP launches SmartStream D4D for designers

by FESPA Staff | 09/11/2017
HP launches SmartStream D4D for designers

HP has launched the beta program of its SmartStream Designer for Designers (D4D), a suite of ‘light’ design options.

HP SmartStream D4D is a simplified version of HP SmartStream Designer for Adobe Illustrator CC2018, which is the full scale commercial software already used by owners of HP digital presses. SmartStream D4D allows designers to create up to 20 variations on any design, and effectively take more creative control of the process.

During the three-month pilot starting on November 6, up to 500 designers can register to request to join the beta program, and 15 super users will be selected to provide feedback. Designers can register to be part of the beta program here.

At the HP SmartStream D4D launch party on November 2 in London, Yarza Twins showcased the use of the software to create individualized designs for Smirnoff, in response to the beta program brief, ‘Every one is the same. Every one is different’. 

Yarza Twins is an art and design studio based in London. Inspired by the classic Smirnoff No. 21 brand, Yarza Twins designed 21 characters along with 21 hats and 21 bodies. These design elements were ‘shuffled’ using HP SmartStream D4D so that each design outcome is totally unique.

The HP Mosaic component of the software was also used to take one single design that celebrates the famous eyebrow silhouette of the Smirnoff label and adapt it by zooming, rotating, switching colors to create endless unique, eye catching outcomes.

These unique designs were then used across a wide range of HP printing technologies to produce items like bottle shrink sleeves, bottle labels, corrugated boxes, point of sale, posters, chair wrappings, wallpaper and t-shirts. These were exclusively created for the launch event, and not for commercial purposes.

"A key benefit of digital print is the ability to produce limitless variations of a theme. As designers it was thrilling for us to experiment with HP SmartStream D4D to push the creative boundaries," commented Eva Yarza. "Once we conceptualized our approach for the Smirnoff designs, D4D brought it to life."

Marta Yarza added: "These are really exciting times for designers. HP SmartStream D4D opens up new opportunities for us to show our creative potential to clients and puts us at the cutting edge of design innovation."

Nancy Janes, global head of brand innovation at HP, said: "Digital print has the ability to make packaging and print more agile and limitless, but until now there has been a gap between concept and creation."

"With HP SmartStream D4D, designers can for the first time play with the powerful software used to create some of the most memorable and impactful packaging campaigns from global brands. We want to call on those designers who want to be a part of the future of digitally printed designs to sign up for this beta program."

At the launch party, attendees also heard from other designers who have used HP SmartStream D4D on their projects, including Silas Amos, Supermundane, Emily Forgot and David Shillinglaw.

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