Deko 3D by Sépia offers 3D service with the Massivit 1800

by FESPA Staff | 12/11/2018
Deko 3D by Sépia offers 3D service with the Massivit 1800

Massivit 3D Printing Technologies has announced that Deko 3D by Sépia has installed a Massivit 1800 3D Printing Solution in hopes to secure new business and overcome the restrictions of traditional production processes.

Deko 3D are a specialist provider of large format 3D applications and are a subsidiary of Sépia Signalétique. The company was originally founded as a full-service 3D service bureau. Deko 3D’s General Manager, Eric Pessarossi says: “After many years of rejecting projects, mainly due to manufacturing constraints of CNC machining, we made the decision to create a dedicated division featuring in-house 3D solutions that could rectify this issue. Originally, we used CNC machining to create polystyrene models which worked seamlessly for 2D applications. However, this proved very problematic in regard to time and material when it came to outdoor 3D projects. We could not replicate our customers’ desired requirements, this meant having to decline numerous lucrative projects.
Caption: Deko 3D by Sépia has installed a Massivit 1800 3D Printing Solution, in a bid to overcome CNC manufacturing constraints

Pessarossi continues: “Now, with 3D printing this is no longer an issue. Regardless of the scale and complexity of the application we can meet the demands of our customers. This is a real game changer for us and more importantly means that we no longer need to turn business away. “
Pessarossi believes that the Massivit 1800 acquired via French dealer, Euromedia, will result in the expansion of the company’s application offering and enable it to enter new markets. He continues: “We wanted to invest in a technology that would enable us to provide our customers unrivalled applications. We wanted to maintain our competitive edge, this is something that the Massivit 1800 allows us to do,” says Pessarossi. “Our goal is to change the face of visual communications and establish ourselves as pioneers of next generation large format applications.”
Massivit 3D’s Director of Sales for EMEA, Gaspare Bugli concludes: “As Deko 3D conveys, we continue to notice an increasing number of traditional print providers integrating our solutions into their existing production floor. As a result, companies that once had to reject certain projects are now able to harness our technology effectively to undertake 3D print jobs.  Thus, securing new business and increasing revenues.”

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