Classic car descends to La Scala’s famous stage with Massivit 3D Printing

by FESPA Staff | 25/10/2018
Classic car descends to La Scala’s famous stage with Massivit 3D Printing

Italian Print Provier, Colorzenith, has 3D printed a life-size replica of the classic Italian car, Lancia B24 for the Don Pasquale opera.

The opera is performed in Europe’s largest opera house, La Scala in Milan, Italy. David Livermore, the set designer along with GIÒ FORMA needed a lightweight car for a famous scene where the soprano, Rosa Feola comes down from the ceiling to the stage whilst sitting in the car.

In reflection of the growing adoption of 3D printing solutions in scenic design, Colorzenith created the iconic car using its Massivit 1800 3D Printer. The car was 4.23-m long and 1.3m high (13.88ft x 4.27ft) and was 3D printed in 4 parts in less than 4 days.

After being printed, the car was sanded and strengthened with an internal metal frame to endure the 1 month performance. In addition, the team glued headlights, mudguards and door handles to produce a more realistic and lifelike appearance and to offer a new immersive experience for the theatre audience.

The Founder of GIÒ FORMA, Florian Boje commented: “Massivit 3D printing was the ideal solution to create a lightweight replica of the car. Considering the tight production timeframe, it was impossible to execute this with another technology”.

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