A newbie in the battle against static

by FESPA Staff | 16/03/2018
A newbie in the battle against static

Static electricity has always been the silent adversary around the print industry. Ioniser-Pro is the new kid on the block, ready to battle against static.

In May 2017 Ioniser-Pro launched their first product, The Ioniser-Pro 600 Static Elimination Bar. Now in 2018, they have 9 products including The Ioniser-Pro Blow (blower unit), Anti-Static Curtain, ESD Wrist and Heel Straps and 3 different lengths of Ioniser bars. All products can be purchased online on their website

All Ioniser bars are DC units, the extensive effective range provides a higher efficiency compared to AC units. Ioniser-Pro manufactures in-house at their main factory located in West Yorkshire and because of this they can control all areas of production and design. Therefore, they are able to offer DC units at the most competitive prices on the market.

Ioniser-Pro have received excellent feedback from their customers in the printing industry:

“Throughout my long career that spans over 30 years, there have been few things that have made a substantial improvement to the screen and digital printing processes. However, these static eliminators sit at the top of that list as they are cost effective and can be installed with minimum hassle and expertise.

These improvements can be instantly seen by significantly decreasing the print issues that relate to surface static charges. I first deployed these in printing processes throughout the business units.

Since then and due to the low price, I now have run these out across all the screen and digital print lines which have resulted in massive benefits instantly. Waste has now reduced to the point where the next phase will be funded by the savings from the first initial phase. It is fundamental that you use the cleaning packs as it will extend the life of the bars and will guarantee that they function at peak performance.

This allows the room to continue at 99% operations readiness since these units keep the room free from charged dust particles. Any particles that do get in are then neutralised and fall to the floor so that the automatic robot vacuum cleaner can mop up in the early hours of the day.  It really is a simple product that really does work.” Site Manager – UK Printing Company.

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