VAXSYS continues Covid-19 fightback with Barcodes venture

by Rob Fletcher | 01/11/2021
VAXSYS continues Covid-19 fightback with Barcodes venture

Vaccination authentication specialist VAXSYS Technologies has partnered with Barcodes Inc, a provider of barcode, mobile computing and RFID solutions, on a new initiative to use print to verify and monitor people’s Covid-19 vaccination status in North America.

The new Barcodes/VAXSYS Covid-19 Vaccination Enrolment and Verification System enables users to accurately and securely keep record of people’s Covid-19 vaccinations, as well as verify their status whenever and wherever required.
The mobile system can print and issue durable, legible vaccine credentials on secure plastic VAXSYS Cards that contain an encrypted, fraud-resistant 2D barcode. The system is also supplied with all the necessary hardware and software, meaning that it can be operated in stand-alone mode or integrated into a user database.
The verification component of the new system can be downloaded on to Android handheld devices with 2D barcode reading capability. The app decrypts the barcode on the VAXSYS Card to generate an anonymous and immediate proof of vaccination status, without requiring any additional personal, biographic or biometric information from the holder.
VAXSYS and Barcodes said the system will play a major role in the ongoing battle against Covid-19, allowing businesses and other venues to operate safely, helping reduce further spread of the virus and protect people going about their daily lives.
Each card can be customised to a certain venue, business or sports team to make it more personal for the holder.
“The complete Barcodes, Inc./VAXSYS System, including mobile computers containing barcode scanners, card printers, cards, and all necessary software, can be configured to support any specific user requirements, including those of businesses, universities, sports venues, and all other places with public access,” Barcodes’ enterprise account executive Tim Killion said.
“As a bonus, the card can be printed with the name or logo of the business, university or sports team.”
Moshe Meppen, chief executive of VAXSYS Technologies, added, “Because all Barcodes/VAXSYS System components are mobile, the enrolment and card printing can quickly be set up anywhere in any size of facility, even in a vehicle; but can also be readily expanded to handle all those being vaccinated.
“VAXSYS Technologies, working with our industry partners, has developed a low cost, mobile, contact-free, paperless system for enrolment at Covid-19 vaccination sites. Then, a VAXSYS mobile app provides on-site contactless and anonymous screening, allowing businesses and other entities to re-open, quickly and more safely.”
Dan Nettesheim, chief executive of Barcodes, also said: “With mandates developing across the country, and vaccine credentials becoming more and more required for places such as sports, restaurants, concert venues, schools, universities, and colleges, the need for a more efficient solution has never been more evident.
“As North America's leading provider of barcode, mobile computing, and RFID solutions, we are well equipped to help implement this vital solution.”

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