Top 20 Christmas Prints of 2018

by FESPA | 20/12/2018
Top 20 Christmas Prints of 2018

In our annual Christmas special, FESPA.com picks out some of the best examples of festive-themed print

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Children are busy writing their lists to Santa Claus, shoppers are hitting the High Street to pick up last-minute gifts, and delivery drivers are working around the clock to ensure those precious presents are sitting under the tree come Christmas Day.
Christmas is a hugely busy time of the year for many industries, with pressure on to finish off work in time for the big day. The situation is very much the same in the print market, with deadlines approaching and demand for certain products hitting peak levels.
However, in the midst of this, it is important to have fun the festive season and celebrate the role print plays at Christmas. This year, FESPA.com has been out and about to see how print is being used to help spread festive cheer.
Here are our top picks for Christmas 2018…

Turkey sandwich anyone?

Picture courtesy of Rob Fletcher
Company/Brand: Subway
Description: Getting into the festive spirit this year is Subway, playing on the famous Christmas carol ‘O come all ye faithful’ in this ad campaign, inviting hungry High Street shoppers to stop by for lunch.


Picture courtesy of Rob Fletcher
Company/Brand: Hovis
Description: Where would we be on Christmas Day without Turkey sandwiches? Hovis released this limited edition packaging this festive season, with each of its bread loaves spreading the Christmas message. 

Unexpected elf in bagging area

Picture courtesy of Rob Fletcher
Company/brand: Sainsbury’s
Description: We’ve all heard of ‘Elf on a Shelf’, but what about elves lending a hand at the checkouts? Sainsbury’s introduced this amusing signage to direct customers to its self-service checkouts – rebranding them as ‘elf-Service’.

Not only angels have wings…

Picture courtesy of Rob Fletcher
Company: Red Bull
Description: Point of sale print is key at this time of year to appeal to consumers as they make a last-minute dash to the shops. Red Bull has come up with this 3D-style print, which we found ideally placed next to the check-outs. The company plays on the ‘It give you wings’ tagline, suggesting its energy drink can help shoppers with their Christmas shopping escapades.

Share a Coke with Santa!

Picture courtesy of Rob Fletcher
Company/Brand: Coca-Cola
Description: A famous myth about Santa Claus is that Coca-Cola advertising led to him changing his coat from a tan colour to red. Although this may not be true, Coca-Cola is well known for its advertising at Christmas (we’ve all seen that lorry advert!) This year, Coca-Cola is featuring Jolly Old Saint Nick on its cans and bottles, with this example showing the big man popping up on a Diet Coke can.

Deck the halls with…Doritos?

Picture courtesy of Rob Fletcher
Company/brand: Doritos
Description: You’ll probably be heading to a Christmas party at some point this month. Doritos are a popular choice of snack at such gatherings and the company has rebranded its packs this year to follow a festive theme. Each of the larger packs features a popular Christmas song, altered to offer Doritos’ input. For example, ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas’ becomes ‘I’m Dreaming of Doritos’. Simple, effective and festive!

Getting festive with Fairy

Picture courtesy of Rob Fletcher
Company/brand: Fairy
Description: The only downside to the great Christmas lunch is the washing up after you’ve finished. Fairy is lending a hand this year by dressing the famous figure on its bottles with festive attire, complete with a snowy background.

McDonalds and Snapchat get festive with filters

Picture courtesy of Rob Fletcher
Company/Brand: McDonalds
Description: This year, McDonalds is running an interactive campaign where its customers can enjoy their meal with entertainment from Snapchat. All you need to do is open the Snapchat app, take a snap of the QR code on the side of your drink, and enjoy the reindeer filter. For those of you that like a challenge, you can also have a go at a carrot game on the filter page.

Wish upon a Starbucks

Picture courtesy of Rob Fletcher
Company/Brand: Starbucks
Description: Coffee-lovers all over the world rejoice at Christmas as Starbucks adds festive flavours to its menu. To accompany these pumpkin-spiced treats, the company also rolls out Christmas cups for consumers to enjoy. Here is this year’s offering.

Are you hanging up your stocking on your wall?

Picture courtesy of Rob Fletcher
Company/Brand: Cadburys
Description: Double the fun from Cadburys, which has not only created a festive stocking package for Christmas, but also altered the names of some of its famous chocolate bars. ‘Double Deck the Halls’ replaces’ Double Decker’, while you can enjoy a ‘Crackers’ instead of a ‘Crunchie’.

Have a Costa Christmas!

Picture courtesy of Rob Fletcher
Company/Brand: Costa Coffee
Description: Anything Starbucks can do, Costa Coffee can do just as creatively! This year, the coffee chain transformed its cups to feature series of Christmas characters. Available for a limited time only!

Birchbox-ing Day

Picture courtesy of Rob Fletcher
Company/Brand: Birchbox
Description: Global cosmetics company Birchbox reaches tens of thousands of subscribers every month, with customers receiving a selection of the latest cosmetics to enjoy. To celebrate Christmas, Birchbox produced two limited edition boxes – a classic snowflake look and a special edition for Disney’s ‘The Nutcracker and the Four Realms’ film, complete with gold foiling effects. 

Advent adventures

Picture courtesy of Rob Fletcher
Company/Brand: Sainsbury’s / Various
Description: Growing up, we only ever remember two types of advent calendar: chocolate or picture versions. However, in recent years, companies and brands have taken this to the next level, introducing calendars that hold all sorts of goodies. This year, Sainsbury’s is offering a gin advent calendar, with a small bottle of gin hiding behind each door on this innovative printed piece.

I see those party guests nibbling…

Picture courtesy of Rob Fletcher
Company/brand: Jacob’s
Description: We’re back on snacks and Jacob’s rebranded some of its nibbles to reflect their popularity at Christmas time. For example, ‘Cheeselets’ become ‘Treelets’, with both the printed packaging and crackers changing to take on a festive theme.

Star of wonder, star of night

Picture courtesy of Rob Fletcher
Company/Brand: Heineken
Description: Heineken turned its famous red star logo festive this year with a creative rebrand of its bottles, cans and packaging. The normally pure red star has been reimagined to create a Christmassy image, with the sparks around representing the celebrations of the season. The beer brand even released a special magnum bottle (pictured) to get us in the party mood!

Once you pop, you just can’t stop!

Picture courtesy of Rob Fletcher
Company/Brand: Pringles
Description: Crisp brand Pringles have come up with this creative campaign for Christmas 2018, transforming their famous cans into various festive characters. Santa Claus, Rudolph and even a helpful elf feature in the limited edition range.

Walking in a Jaffa Wonderland…

Picture courtesy of Rob Fletcher
Company/brand: Jaffa Cakes
Description: Is it a cake or is it a biscuit? While this argument will rumble on for years to come, one thing that is for sure is Jaffa Cakes is getting in the Christmas spirit with this oversized box in the shape of a cracker, wishing you a ‘Jaffa Christmas’.

Take a Walkers on the wild side this Christmas

Picture courtesy of Rob Fletcher
Company/brand: Walkers
Description: Walkers is another crisp brand joining in the fun this year, not only introducing festive packaging but also adding some new, Christmassy flavours to its range. If you’re feeling brave, why not test their Brussels Sprout packs or try out the variety packs (pictured) for more choice, including Pigs in Blankets and Turkey & Stuffing.

Jingle cycle bells…

Picture courtesy of Rob Fletcher
Company/Brand: Transport for London
Description: Transport for London encouraged Londoners to get out and about on their free-to-borrow bicycles this Christmas, complete with their own ‘Jingle Bells’. Eagle-eyed readers may also have spotted one of the citizens of London Zoo donning a Santa hat in the background…

Baby it’s cold outside

Picture courtesy of Rob Fletcher
Company/Brand: Ella’s Kitchen
Description: Even baby food is getting the festive treatment this year! Organic baby food company Ella’s Kitchen introduced a limited edition ‘Christmas Dinner’ food pouch so that babies can enjoy their turkey and sprouts too! To celebrate the season, Ella’s Kitchen added festive decoration to the pouch, including Santa’s belt!
From all of the team here at FESPA, have a fantastic Christmas and here’s to a prosperous New Year for everyone in our great industry!

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