Design is in the details – Printeriors decorative accessories

by Debbie McKeegan | 15/07/2019
Design is in the details – Printeriors decorative accessories

Debbie McKeegan gives her final product review of FESPA’s feature, Printeriors which took place at the Global Print Expo 2019.

In our final product review for Printeriors, Munich, we concentrate on the accessories that add the finishing touch to any Interior Showcase. Encompassing Soft Furnishings, Outdoor accessories, Graphic display, Hand Crafted Lighting, Furniture, Carpets, Art, and Window graphics.

Caption: Printeriors reflects the incredible innovation that our digital Industry offers the manufacturing community and points the way forward to sustainable production. Credit: FESPA.

The global Home Décor marketplace continues to grow as the world’s affluence increases. Alongside rising disposable incomes, the Décor marketplace is estimated to exceed $741 billion dollars by 2023, and as our demand for customization grows, so do the figures with an CAGR of 4% predicted. With almost half of the world’s population now living in urban areas and in smaller living spaces, how we dress our interior environment is of great importance, and a direct expression of both wealth and personal style.
As a market that has yet to fully embrace digital disruption, the sector has an increasing requirement to provide the consumer with both customized and personalized products. The digital technology that has facilitated such change continues to evolve to meet the demands of an established industry, and one that must now reform traditional practice to meet consumer demand.
Working alongside ground breaking manufacturers, Printeriors reflected the incredible innovation that our digital Industry offers the manufacturing community and points the way forward to a digital future where lean, efficient manufacturing co-exists alongside sustainable production.
The diversity of products offered in the Décor sector demands multiple digital technologies and encompasses many unique substrates and specifications. Many of which vary from continent to continent and from supplier to manufacturer. As a global market place the opportunities for growth in decorative applications abound.
The consumer demands customisation, but that doesn’t mean single items. Personalized products are now the new normal for many mass manufacturers. In order to manufacture efficiently automation is the key. Software provides the administration technology that now drives mass production. Many of the items in our showcase were provided by mass manufacturers that whilst utilizing automated technologies offer personalized decorative accessories in any volume.

Caption: A tribute to the Innovation and Creative spirit of the print Industry. This year’s Printeriors showcase really was “Inspired by Nature and Powered by Print!” Credit: FESPA.

Premier Digital Textiles were the main textile supplier for Printeriors. Utilizing a selection of  pre-coated (pfdp) cellulose and uncoated polyester fabrics that included amongst others Re-cycled Polyester, Waterproof Panama, Cotton Twill and Organic Cotton Panama, we created a series of decorative Cushions and Outdoor Beanbags.
Printed utilizing Mimaki technology, with both Pigment and Dye Sublimation ink sets. Each product depicted a design from the Elements collection, created by Jasper Goodall, and  inspired by Earth, Wind, Air, Fire and Water in various iterations including panel prints and allover patterns. All of which were bespoke designs and provided the perfect dressing to the Printeriors room sets and offered comfort in outdoor area.
In addition the MadChair company also supplied a series of dye sublimation panel prints featuring a water repellent Polyester Twill, in various sizes for both furniture and XL floor cushions.
Caption: The diversity of products offered in the Décor sector demands multiple digital technologies and encompasses many unique substrates and specifications. Credit: FESPA.

The Outdoor Pop-Up feature for Printeriors reflected a growing trend and strengthening marketplace for external Decor products. As we reduce our urban living space, external areas provide previously overlooked living accommodation and a place for relaxation and entertainment.
Featuring Beanbags, XL floor cushions, and to add a dramatic element also included custom printed board. XL and mini bespoke printed Cubes were manufactured using recycled waterproof board. All generously designed, and custom printed by Swanline.
R A Smart provided a REX Wall frame offering an incredibly versatile pop-up textile display system, for Printeriors we chose to use just one wall, but the modular Rex Wall has multiple applications.
No Interior would be complete without lighting, and in collaboration with 3-Sixty a digital print supplier based in Cardiff, and lighting manufacturer Parlour-made, a series of tubular lamps and lampshades were commissioned. Custom printed onto a base substrate of non-woven wallpaper, the lighting was hand-crafted to specification and provided an ambient setting to each room set.
Canon-Oce provided a series of printed glass table tops, commissioned and printed using UV Gel technology that offers an incredibly durable surface. In addition Eye for Colour provided a series of innovative UV-Flatbed prints onto wood, and various metal surfaces to compliment the Interior scheme.
Looking to the floor, we commissioned a series of custom printed Rugs to add a decorative element and a reflection of an increasing requirement for bespoke carpets. Utilising a web-to-print service, the carpets were designed online, created within an incredibly simple bespoke design program, then ordered and delivered in just 3 days. A reflection once again of the consumers (in this case for transparency myself) growing requirement for personalized, super-fast delivery.
Then back to the walls, and a stunning collection of prints featuring signed, limited edition prints by Jasper Goodall. Printed by Eye for Colour, a specialist fine art print house.
Metallic surfaces were a recurring element in this years Printeriors showcase, and to compliment the scheme in collaboration with Hahnemühle who provided 340gsm Photo Rag® Metallic, their recently released silvery-shimmering Fine Art inkjet paper with a specially formulated inkjet coating.
The images created by Jasper Goodall and printed by Eye 4 Colour demonstrate the value of imaging onto novel and interesting surfaces for interior décor environments where luxury adds value and demonstrates the impressive quality of Epson wide format printers.
Finally windows which offer an often missed opportunity for decoration, and in collaboration with CMYUK assets from the various elements added essential surface decoration. All the window films were printed using the Mimaki UCJV300-1600, a UV print process, the window films used were Saint Gobain, Solar Guard optic clear.
Printeriors is a tribute to the Innovation and Creative spirit of the print Industry. This year’s showcase really was “Inspired by Nature and Powered by Print!”
Thank you to all of our Interior partners, without whom the showcase would not exist.

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