5 Ways to Make Money with a Kongsberg table

by FESPA Staff | 21/02/2014
5 Ways to Make Money with a Kongsberg table

Find out how you can use a Kongsberg cutting table to extend on your offerings and protect your margins. [sponsored content]

1. Offer premium services

The selling price of print jobs is based on your normal operating costs, and on the price of the material, but there is more. What is the deadline? Do your customers want a quick turn-around? Rush orders are more expensive, and customers are willing to pay for it.

Is it a specialized job? Are you offering your customers a wide choice of materials (corrugated, but also wood, aluminum, textile)?

Are you offering print jobs with special finishing (invitations, folders, signage) or grommeting (textile, canvas, banners, flags) or are you specialized in large format prints that need to be cut or creased?

A Kongsberg cutting table is the most versatile companion to your press. Be the first in your market to offer the widest range of premium services.

Where’s the money in that?

Premium services allow you to charge more per printed piece. Make sure to offer cost -per-piece quotes, outlining the added value you provide. It helps to make the customer understand the higher price.

2. Offer quick turnarounds

Time is money! Your customers demand fast delivery, leaving you often with limited production time. The production time is not only influenced by the actual speed of your hardware. All stages in the production -from order intake, over prepress to finishing- have an impact on your performance. The Kongsberg cutting table handles all kinds of materials at an unsurpassed speed.esko XP 8 s

It is the perfect companion for a race against the clock:

• A very short set-up

• No need to wait for a die

• Change tools quickly with virtually no down time

• Automatic tool leveling

• Cutting speed adjusted to the chosen materials

Where’s the money in that?

Speeding up your production process clearly opens opportunities to take on more jobs, thus increasing your revenue. And don’t forget: customers will pay premium prices for quick turnarounds.

3. Tackle a wide range of applications

Offering premium services is one thing. But knowing that you’ll never have to refuse or outsource a job is something else.  Whether you focus on signage, packaging, displays or smaller printed items: more than any other cutting table on the market, a Kongsberg table handles all kinds of application on virtually all materials.

Cut, crease and route through paper, corrugated material, folding carton, heavy duty paper core material, foam, polypropylene, vinyl, textile, canvas, PVC, wood, aluminium composite material, acrylic, adhesive material

Partial cutting, V-cutting, kiss-cutting, creasing, milling, polishing, engraving, folding and even adding braille signage… you can do it all in-house with a Kongsberg table.

From the smallest odd-shaped countertop display to the largest piece of protective packaging, Kongsberg cutting tables allow you to tackle a wide range of applications.

Where’s the money in that?

Outsourcing all highly specialized finishing jobs is a waste of money. With the right Kongsberg cutting table you can do these jobs in-house without hurting your margins.

esko sign-display-img

4. Deliver perfection

You take pride in your print jobs. You are dedicated to deliver only the best quality to your customers. Finishing is not only about cutting or folding. It’s about the finishing touch. It’s about having every detail right. Finishing is all about perfection.

A Kongsberg cutting table delivers perfection in every possible way. Forget about slight distortions between printed graphics and contour cut. Endless trial-and-error test runs to adjust cutting depth to your material are a thing of the past. Don’t settle for nearly-good results.

Where’s the money in that?

Happy customers will return. Become a one stop shop for your customers and offer perfect results. Save time by having it right the first time. Eliminate production errors with automatic tool and material recognition. Work fast but without sacrificing quality.

5. Streamline your workflow

There is a lot of value in making your operation as straightforward as possible. A well-integrated workflow saves headaches, eliminates errors and allows you to get more done.

Don’t lose time

You don’t want your cutter to become a bottleneck. Kongsberg cutters are designed to take frustration out of your production. Changing tools on a Kongsberg table, for instance, is easy and requires no tuning because of the automatic tool recognition (using bar code identification). There’s no need for your operator to set and reset values over and over again with automatic tool calibration. Human errors are a thing of the past! To save even more time, you can outfit your cutting table with a conveyor, a feeder and or stacker and produce more in less time. Let your Kongsberg cutting table run unattended, freeing up your operator to engage in other jobs.

Integrated software

Spend as little time as possible to get your files print ready. Automate all typical prepress jobs like preflighting, layouting, generating bleeds, creating cutting paths… Esko’s prepress software works hand in hand with your press, but also with the Kongsberg cutting tables.

Create your own packaging, displays, POP pieces, countertops… with Esko’s dedicated 3D editor. Reduce building and producing bespoke packaging and displays to a matter of hours instead of days.

Where’s the money in that?

Let the combination of the Kongsberg table and Esko workflow software do all the work for you. Get files on the press and to the cutter as quickly as possible. Get the most out of your hardware investments while reducing errors and waste.


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