3D print start-up partners interior design studio

by Rob Fletcher | 02/12/2020
3D print start-up partners interior design studio

3D print start-up Satori has announced details of a new partnership with interior design studio Madhi Naim Design Lab, with the aim of capitalising on 3D printing technology and developing new products for use in environments around the world.

The Satori x Mahdi collection is based around the idea that 3D print can be used as a solution to a problem, with the first project of the partnership to focus on importance of mental wellbeing and empathy amid the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.
As many people around the world continue to work from home due to Covid-19 restrictions, Satori and Madhi Naim Design Lab will work together to create a range of projects to help people working remotely.
Using Satori’s new ST1600 industrial 3D printer, products on offer will include a laptop stand, aesthetic stationery organiser and a multi-purpose USB holder that doubles up as a stress ball thanks to its flexible outer material.
Speaking to FESPA.com about the new initiative, Satori’s chief executive Chengxi Wang said what differentiates this collection from what is already available is that the design is optimised with a lattice structure to achieve optimal function with minimal material.
“By collaborating with Mahdi Naim Design Lab, we want to push the boundaries of 3D printing, and create something with a social impact,” Wang said.
“As a designer and manufacturer of desktop industrial 3D printers, our mission is to make professional 3D printing more user-friendly and make a deeper impact on business applications.

“As part of our user-centred approach, we interact closely with industry partners by helping solve their practical problems. This helps us develop insight into the pain points of our customers and continuously improve our 3D printers to be more and more efficient and user-friendly.”

After the first project, Satori and Madhi Naim Design Lab will look at a new social initiative to pioneer 3D printing to Africa.
Mahdi Naim Design Lab is located in Morocco and, according to initiative, has observed many social and economic challenges in Africa that can be solved with creative designs.
“3D printing allows designers to fully actualise the 3D designs generated by computers, where algorithms and mathematics can be applied to optimise the design structure with minimal material usage, such as lattice structures,” Wang said.
“Interior designs 3D printed in this way reduce material consumption and contribute to sustainability.
“We are excited to empower Mahdi Naim Design Lab’s mission and bring its designs alive with our 3D printing technology.”

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