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Partnering with FESPA on its portfolio of industry-leading events as an official sponsor provides the best networking opportunities at the highest level of business.


FESPA has a steadily developing portfolio of world class events, exhibitions and conferences, as well as a dedicated network of national associations in 37 countries and a history of more than 50 years support to the print community.

Our contacts book, and therefore the quality of attendees at our events, is the envy of the global print trade, and with our dedication to operating as a non-profit, your partnership with FESPA offers you support for your corporate social responsibility, environmental and community engagement policies while also providing world-class brand exposure to the brightest and best minds, at the head of the biggest and most innovative companies - the sort of companies that you want to sell to.

With exhibitions on five continents, attended by tens of thousands of visitors, more than 250,000 newsletter subscribers, a database of over 300,000 print / visual communication industry specific businessmen and women, and around 400,000 unique visitors to our website annually, FESPA can offer wide ranging online packages from global campaigns to bespoke country-specific marketing, from brand campaigns to individual product launches in specific territories.

A variety of sponsorship benefits can be arranged, including co-branding, appearance on show websites, inclusion on digital or printed marketing materials, and discounts on other commercial

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