Travelling around the world with FESPA, I meet printers on every continent who are positive about the future of their business.
“Today Africa is one of the fastest-growing regions in the world... Africa is on the move.”
In a special guest blog by Yaşar Gűvenen, the FESPA President explains his excitement and pride in a steadily developing organisation.

HEXIS, The battle, World Tour.

According to a recent Economist report, Mexico will be one of the top ten economies in the world by 2050. So what does this mean for a printer in Mexico in...
Over the past few years print has made substantial inroads in the realms of architectural design and interior décor.
Did you know that 26% of printers regularly produce wallpaper & interior applications? Sean Holt, FESPA's General Secretary, explains the Print Census. banner 620 x 110

FESPA Chief Executive Neil Felton looks back over a successful 2014 and anticipates an even more exciting year to come in 2015.
Energy efficiency should influence your buying choices too, says Paul Machin, and lead to greater profitability as well as a smaller carbon footprint.
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