World Exclusive: 3D Printing the Iron Man suit

22nd October 2012

Fespa TV's Duncan MacOwan speaks to Jason Lopes, the Lead Systems Engineer at Legacy Effects about the use of 3D print in rapid prototyping and design for costume and special effects within the world of film. Jason Lopes has been involved in some of the largest blockbusters of all time with credits on such features as Avatar, The Twilight Saga, Iron Man, Terminator, Alien, The Muppets (the list goes on). Jason knows exactly what it takes to design and create some of the most high end, high impact super hero suits and terrifying monsters the world has ever seen and he believes there is no better tool to marry into the process than 3D print.

Legacy Effect's Jason Lopes talks to FESPA TV's Duncan MacOwan in detail about how 3D print speeds up the prototyping process, allows more efficiency and personalisation as well as time to make changes and adjustments through out the creative process. Jason see's the use of 3D print within his area of design not as an alternative but as another powerful tool that works along side more traditional forms of special effects as well as CGI.

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