Present at a FESPA Event

Be part of the largest print trade education project, supporting innovation around the world through conferences and events.

The conference programmes at our events are hugely popular, whether co-hosted with our leading print trade exhibitions on five continents, or at dedicated ticketed conference events.

Our events cover signage, screen and digital printing, vehicle wrapping and interior design, exploring new techniques and technologies, business practices and development, as well as providing great opportunities for networking and international cooperation.

In addition to the fantastic exposure, the conferences are the star of the marketing campaigns, and are also covered extensively through the FESPA website, email newsletters and member associations both before and afterwards.

This is a great opportunity for you to put you, your business partners or even end-user customers forward as speakers with all the accompanying advantages in terms of thought leadership profile and potential sales leads.

Put yourself in the spotlight and experience the resulting business benefits at the world's fastest growing print trade events. If you are proud of your recent print projects, research, innovation, technology, business or expertise, then send us a proposal to present a session in English, German, Spanish, Turkish.

Audiences vary from country-to-country, but with educational content presented in four languages we have a growing reputation for understanding an international expert audience.

We know from experience that members of the audience often make contact with the speakers afterwards and that often leads to new business!

We only have one rule, no sales pitches! FESPA are dedicated to offering solely educational content.


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