The latest innovations in digital signage software

by Rob Fletcher | 26/02/2024
The latest innovations in digital signage software

To achieve the best results and maximum impact with digital signage, software selection is key. Here, Rob Fletcher takes a look at some of the options and solutions available to those in this innovative sector.

Whether we are talking smaller-format screens informing consumers of deals and discounts in their local shopping centre, or huge screens towering over passers by in Times Square in New York, all digital signs have something in common: their use of software.

This software plays a key role in the performance of the digital sign, allowing operators to manage and update the type of content being displayed, as well as address any issues that the screen may be encountering. For this reason, choice of software is key; get this wrong and you could easily run into a whole world of avoidable issues.

Here, speaks with experts in this area and highlights some of the latest software options on offer to those in the digital signage world.

What to look for in quality digital signage software

Up first is Navori, a leading specialist in the sector and the Digital Signage Software Partner of this year’s European Sign Expo, which will take place alongside the FESPA Global Print Expo 2024 in Amsterdam from 19-22 March. Jordan Feil, director of marketing at Navori, said investing in high-quality digital signage software is crucial for several reasons, especially for those new to the practice or those in print looking to diversify into digital signage.

“First, reliability; low quality digital signage software will inevitably lead to a myriad of highly visible, audience facing, issues and problems,” Feil said. “High quality software takes all necessary precautions to ensure that there is always content playing on screen.

Navori said reliability, adaptability to change and enhanced engagement are key factors in digital signage software

“Also consider adaptability to change. The digital signage market is rapidly evolving, with new trends, content formats and technologies emerging regularly. Quality software typically comes from software manufacturers that are actively innovating at all times.

“There is also enhanced engagement, with quality software supporting dynamic content that can be updated in real-time, providing more engagement opportunities compared to traditional static printing.

“In addition, when it comes to analytics and optimisation, good software includes analytics features that provide valuable insights into audience engagement and content performance. This data is vital for optimising content strategies and proving ROI. Without it, you are left guessing as to what content actually resonates with your audience.”

Analysing software solutions

As to how Navori can help, Feil picked out several products. These include Navori's digital signage software, a comprehensive digital signage content management solution designed to cater to a wide range of industries and use cases. It allows for creating, managing, and playing out digital content across multiple screens.

Also from Navori is Aquaji, a marketing analytics software solution that uses cameras to analyse customer behaviour and demographics in physical spaces. Using computer vision and AI, Aquaji provides insights into foot traffic, dwell time, and audience demographics.

On this, Feil spoke about the benefits of digital signage and AI-enhanced analytics working together, using Aquaji's audience analytics data to trigger content changes on screen, in real-time.

“Aquaji analysis of viewer demographics and behaviours instantly informs QL to dynamically adjust the displayed content, ensuring it is relevant to the current audience,” Feil said. “This integration enhances viewer engagement by displaying targeted advertising or information based on real-time insights into who is near the screen.”

Teamwork makes the dream work

Many digital signage providers partner with software specialists to carry out joint projects and ventures in this sector. One example of this is PPDS linking up with global software publisher Telelogos to bring advanced content and device management solutions to the Philips Tableaux range of ‘ePaper’ displays.

Caption: PPDS partnered Telelogos for software on the Philips Tableaux range of ‘ePaper’

The deal, struck last year, saw Telelogos provide the first fully approved content and device management solution for Philips Tableaux. According to PPDS, the exclusive global provider of Philips professional displays, Telelogos software enables easy remote management of displays, including changing content, across the sectors, including in retail, corporate and education environments.

PPDS bills Philips Tableaux ePaper displays as an “exciting new era” of digital displays, with the ability to deliver full colour content while running 24/7, unplugged and with zero power.

Tim de Ruiter, global business development and partnerships director at PPDS, said: “Our longstanding partnership with Telelogos made this latest collaboration incredibly easy and Our Philips Tableaux range has made an immediate impact with our customers, delivering on the energy savings and sustainable business opportunities they need.”

Christophe Billaud, danaging Director at Telelogos, added: “With our expertise in Android development, device management, and thanks to the close collaboration we have created over the many years we've partnered with PPDS, we were able to support this new technology in displays very rapidly. The interest and feedback from our integrator partners and our clients has been hugely positive.”

Appetite for success

Elsewhere and another provider in this market is The company works with brands worldwide on digital signage campaigns, utilising its software solutions to help partners maximise their impact.

One example of this is working with Enrique Tomás, the world's largest ham chain. Last year, Enrique Tomás implemented the digital signage platform in its new model of Enrique Tomás GO!urmet vending machines at Barcelona Airport.

Caption: delivered a digital signage software solution to Enrique Tomás, the world's largest ham chain.

Phase one included 30 stores at strategic points throughout the airport, which operate 24 hours a day. Each vending machine is equipped with between one and five iiyama branded 50” LCD screens that work as an all-In-one solution, with an DS player integrated and work in synchro.

The software, said, matched the requirements of Enrique Tomás is that it is not only easy to operate, but is kinder to the environment.

“We wanted a software that was lightweight and could work with an internal player inside the screen to minimise the electronic components at the physical point,” Enrique Tomás chief information officer Jorge Cruz said. “This model requires that, in an easy and entertaining way, the quality of Enrique Tomás is explained while the customer understands that buying our products in the vending machines is a guarantee of fresh product.

“Thanks to we can synchronise multiple screens regardless of their size and location.”

To find out more about the latest software solutions in digital signage, as well as other key developments in the market, visit the European Sign Expo next month in Amsterdam.

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