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Diageo developing plastic free bottles

In partnership with Pilot Lite Ventures, Diageo, one of the world’s largest booze brand owners, is developing a plastic-free bottle. The two companies have set up Pulpex to develop and supply the new paper-based bottles to Diageo owned brands as well as other large corporates including Unilever and Pepsico


Exclusive FESPA members platform, Club FESPA Online expands to 36 languages

Club FESPA Online offers over 100 thought-provoking articles that cover a wide range of topics for speciality printers to help improve business practice and increase awareness of industry trends; with new content being added every month.


Design and production for sustainable Interiors – Sanderson launch the National Trust Collection

Behind every printed metre of fabric there are numerous industry professionals, each of whom apply their skills to manufacture the beautiful textiles that dress our residential and contract interiors. The diversity of skills required within the textile production sector cannot be underestimated.

Business Advice

Why greenwashing is a dirty business

Greenwashing is rife – an outer covering of environmental credibility hides a multitude of sins. We look at how printers can move towards sustainability honestly.

Tomorrow's World

Embracing the circular economy

A ‘business as usual’ approach to resource use is unsustainable for everyone – it’s time for the printing community to join the circular economy.

How to Guides

How to count your carbon emissions

Carbon footprint is one of the easiest ways for customers to judge environmental responsibility. Here’s how to understand how it affects you and your products.  

Business Advice

A no-nonsense guide to sustainable printing

There’s no shortage of advice and enthusiasm available when it comes to sustainable printing, but it can leave your head spinning. Andy Wilson, Managing Director of one of the UK’s leading wide format digital printers PressOn, gives some practical advice.

Business Advice

Towards net zero

Countries across the world have committed to becoming ‘net zero’ economies to help lessen the impact of climate change. We take a look at five ways print companies can play their part – and what it means for the future.


How Covid-19 will accelerate the digitization of the supply chain

In recent months the impact of the global health crisis has caused serious disruption and financial hardship across the apparel industry. But it has also presented an opportunity to evaluate the current workflow and rationalize.


The Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change

Clare Taylor discusses how climate change is affecting business worldwide and the need for them to embrace the UN Sustainable Development Goal 13 that encourages businesses to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.


Recycling advances

Laurel Brunner discusses the importance of sustainable printing and the neeed for printers to choose their substrates meticulously in order to lower their impact on the environment.


The evolution of Digital Textile Printing alongside sustainable ink technology

Debbie McKeegan discusses how digital technologies are energy efficient and how production results in very little water usage. Digital textile printing offers a sustainable alternative to traditional rotary print routes.

Tomorrow's World

Wide format and sustainability

In the second part of our series on sustainability in different print sectors, Stefan Kappaun of Durst considers eco-friendly inks.

Business Advice

Nordic Swan: the highest eco certification?

The Scandinavian eco label enjoys worldwide kudos for its high standards. What makes the Nordic Swan logo the trailblazer?  


Sustainable Certification for The Digital Textile Printing Supply Chain: Driving Sustainable Change

Navigating the journey towards sustainable manufacturing and the adoption of validated certification for Digital Textile Printing is a challenge that must be overcome for all businesses, regardless of scale. Thankfully sustainability is never a singular journey, it relies on collaborative data - transparency, traceability and trust from all stakeholders.


Simon Daplyn of Sensient Technologies (now Sun Chemical a member of the DIC Group)

Simon Daplyn is the Global head of marketing for Sensient Technologies (now Sun Chemical a member of the DIC Group). With a PHD in Digital Textiles, Simons experience and knowledge of the Digital Textile industry spans the sectors development. In today’s podcast we discuss a wide range of topics from the crucial benefits of Digital printing, to ink formulation, sustainable chemistry, market applications and various printing techniques.


Sustainable Certification for The Digital Textile Printing Supply Chain Chapter 3: Inks and Chemical

“When it comes to Textile Inks and Chemicals, there is a substantial framework enforcing and verifying sustainability and safety within production and usage within the sector”


Rapha a cycling brand for performance sportswear and the road to Digitisation

Founded by Simon Mottram in London in 2004, Rapha makes the world’s finest cycling clothing. For 15 years, their products have redefined comfort, performance, and style for cyclists from absolute beginners through to World Tour professionals.


Fashinnovation with Jordana Guimaraes

Today we talk to Jordana Guimaraes, the co-founder of Fashinnovation, to discuss the future of Fashion


Digital textile printing technology with Stefan Kappaun

Digital printing technologies are disrupting the industrial Textile marketplace, in this episode we discuss the impact of digitisation, sustainability, the textile supply chain, and leveraging ink-jet.


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