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Digital printing market forecast to reach $35.7bn by 2028

The global digital print market is expected to reach a value of $35.7bn (£25.2bn/€29.2bn) by 2028, driven by an increase in demand for sustainable and cost-efficient printing methods.


Digital Textile and Carpet innovations with Tony Naschberger and Andreas Rass of Zimmer

In this podcast we discuss digital technology, the evolving market, the importance of sustainable sourcing and production machinery and much more with - Tony Naschberger, CEO and Andreas Rass – Commercial Director.

Business Advice

B Corps and ‘green swans’

B Corporations want to use profits and growth to help people and planet, and printers can get on board too.


Let’s Go Green: 3 Ways for printers to lower their Carbon Footprint

With the economy slowly restarting again, many printers are discovering that their customers are now enforcing their environmental policies on their suppliers. On a limited budget, what can printers do to minimize their carbon footprint? Sonja Angerer shares 3 suggestions.

Product Launches

Kornit’s Atlas MAX triumphs market challenges and takes on-demand production to new heights

Kornit Digital has announced the release of its new MAX technology, establishing a new standard for on-demand fashion and apparel production.


Dye-Sublimation for Décor Textile Printing: Five Key Drivers for Growth

Debbie McKeegan discusses how dye-sublimation has dominated the digital textile printing industry and share 5 key drivers for growth.


UV print innovations drive new market growth and creative applications for the décor industry

Interior decoration is a sector that as yet, has been relatively untapped by the wide format print market – until now. As a sector, Décor offers the industry an extensive marketplace that is prime for disruption. UV technologies can unlock previously impossible surface effects and infinite creative applications. As the technology becomes ever more efficient, its green credentials also offer a sustainable printing process for personalised or industrial printed décor production.


Avery Dennison aims for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050

Materials supplier Avery Dennison has set out a strategy to be net-zero on greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, as part of its ongoing commitment to becoming a more environmentally friendly business.


Sustainability in Textiles: Why Digital Textile Printing offers a Green Future over Rotary

Why does digital textile printing lead the way in sustainable manufacturing when compared against traditional rotary screen printing?


Climate change and COP 26

This is a big year for tackling climate change, and COP26, or the 26th Conference of the Parties, is a major international event planned to drive action forward. It’s a summit under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) taking place in Glasgow in November, having been moved from 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. This year the UK is president.


Textiles and the Circular Economy

Laurel Brunner discusses the sustainability of digital textile printing and the serious implications that occur after production.


Print Solutions for the Digital Décor Market – EFI at the FESPA Global Summit

Debbie McKeegan discusses the current print solutions available for the digital decor market. She shares EFI's panel discussion on digital decor from the FESPA Global Summit 2021.


Online Sales are Booming: Success for On-Demand Digital Textile Printers in the Pandemic

Debbie McKeegan discusses how 2020 provided digital textile printers with unique opportunities and success for on-demand digital textile printing businesses.


Ford and HP partner on world-first 3D print initiative

Automotive manufacturing giant giant Ford has joined forces with HP on a new initiative that will see waste materials from 3D printing used to create car parts.

How to Guides

How to support circularity with eco-friendly solutions

Einar Ek of Re-board assesses the value of fibre paper board over synthetic materials and how to ensure durability.


Certifications - the way forward

Laurel Brunner discusses the importance and benefits of certifications.

Tomorrow's World

The bigger picture on plastics in print

Printers need to consider alternatives to plastic while recognising the need to match performance and durability. Any steps towards lower carbon products can only be positive.


The Long Road to a More Sustainable Printing Industry

Sonja Angerer reiterates the importance for businesses to incorporate sustainability goals into their business. Discover what businesses such as Epson Europe, HP, Canon, EFI and Mimaki Europe and doing to make their businesses more sustainable.


Mondi partners Tesco in major environmental drive

Packaging and paper group Mondi has joined forces with Tesco Central Europe on a wide-ranging environmental partnership, aimed at significantly reducing the retailer’s corrugated waste.


Water marking for recycling

Here’s a clever idea: watermark packaging so that a sorting system can be more accurate and recycling processes more efficient. That’s what AIM, the European Brands Association, is encouraging companies to do.


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