Stretching the limits of laser cutting, Summa to launch the L3214 at FESPA 2019

by FESPA | 06/05/2019
Stretching the limits of laser cutting, Summa to launch the L3214 at FESPA 2019

Summa will introduce its brand new L3214 laser cutting machine at the Global Print Expo 2019. This is the second Summa style laser unit and equipped with a 1.4 m long conveyor bed on a total width of more than 3.2 m, to be exact 3.35 m.

Besides the size, one of its most unique features is the on-the-fly cutting process, which allows for continuous scanning of material and continuous cutting while feeding of material, segment per segment. This will make the user much more productive. While the machine continues cutting, the newly cut material is readily available for pick-up from the conveyor belt. Fast, accurate, and on-the-fly cutting – the L3214 is bound to change the go-to-market strategy for applications in soft signage, home decoration, sportswear and fashion.

Meet your customers’ deadlines and improve your margin 

Summa has developed a unique on-the-fly cutting concept to ensure a perfectly cut product that’s ready to roll off the table. The concept has many benefits to offer, which contribute to higher productivity, enabling L3214-users to serve their customers faster with high accuracy. To illustrate this, when processing typical jobs, the machine even cuts 400 m2 an hour. 

At the core of the enhanced productivity lies a top-notch camera recognition system. Instead of getting your files ready, or waiting for the material to be scanned, this Summa L3214 Vision system continuously scans the material and automatically creates the cut vector needed for the job. The system secures continuous cutting, even when the conveyor is moving, saving you a considerable amount of valuable time.  

At this high speed, Summa is still able to maintain the high standards for accuracy. A motorized de-reeler makes sure there is no fabric distortion while cutting. The system secures a constant and stable fabric feed onto the vacuumed cutting bed. By creating a loop in the material, the de-reeler relaxes the material, reduces distortion and secures an accurate cut. No more idle periods, yet boosted productivity instead with a perfectly cut product that’s immediately ready for shipment or further processing. 

Like all L Series, also the L3214 enjoys the following benefits: 
  • Cutting quality that exceeds your expectations, thanks to the perfectly sealed edges.  
  • Processing textiles with high precision and without fraying by default, through contactless cutting with a laser. 
  • Any deformations are automatically recognized by the intelligent camera system and immediately compensated in the cutting vector. 
  • Material optimization reduces waste with the Vision technology because the laser system does not need markers, the cutting designs can be placed much closer to each other, ensuring maximum use of the material.  
  • Environment & Safety is a priority. Fumes are removed by the internal extraction system and cutting by laser produces no dust fibres ensuring a clean work environment. The L Series is enclosed to meet the Class 1 standard, ensuring the laser cutting source is covered during operation and machine pauses if the cover is open. 

Laser cutting excellence at FESPA 2019  

Textile is one of the fastest growing markets nowadays, where on-demand digital printing proved to be the gamechanger many soft signage, sportswear and fashion brands need. Printed textiles still require finishing and nothing cuts as accurately as laser cutting. The contactless cutting means no fabric distortion, low to none dust generation, no tool wear and no fraying of synthetic textiles thanks to the edge sealing feature. It can be applied to any type of material and secures a quick and precise cutting of even the most intricate designs.  

Wim Maes, Executive Director & CCO at Summa nv comments: “Our first model is a crowd-pleaser, especially in sportswear, but large format textiles and on-demand business models, raised the bar and a fast time-to-market is needed. The market asked for a bigger L Series model and we gladly comply. Textile will again be a major focus market at FESPA 2019 with many visitors looking for the perfect match of quality and price. We invite everyone to experience the benefits of laser cutting first-hand by joining one of the demonstrations and viewing the accurate and fast output the L3214 delivers with on-the-fly cutting technology.” 

FESPA Global Print Expo 2019 is Europe’s largest speciality print exhibition for screen and digital wide format print, textile printing and signage solutions. Visit Summa at stand F20 in hall A5 at the Messe Munich between the 14-17 May 2019 and discover the available features. Please use promo code FESG902 to register for free.

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