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How to pick the right digital payment option

As the shift to digital payments gathers pace, what are the best options for printers?

Tomorrow's World

Mass customisation: don’t believe the hype?

Personalisation offers great future potential for printing, but looking past the extravagant promises, what challenges does it present for printers?

Business Advice

Printing in a multi-substrate world

Colour Consultant Marco Olivotto discussed PDF-X-based workflows and the shift towards an RGB-neutral, new PDF/X-based workflow at the FESPA Global Print Expo 2019 in Munich.

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How to use LinkedIn to connect your business

LinkedIn is an essential online networking tool for thousands of companies and millions of people – but how can PSPs best use it to boost their business?

Business Advice

Love your monitor

Dell, HP, BenQ or NEC: which monitor is best for your business?

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How to run your business through eBay

eBay has transformed into a shopfront for brand-new products – how can PSPs take advantage of this huge digital marketplace?

People in Print

Young photographer reaches for the stars

With the help of a macro lens, Steph Bourazanis turned mundane food items into eerie spacescapes.

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How to maximise social media for your business

Reap the benefits of social media marketing.

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How to select the right RIP

What to look for when selecting RIP software

How to Guides

How a printer can boost its online business

Key tips for finding an audience and becoming a trusted digital presence.


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