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Reigning World Wrap Masters Champion, Ivan Tenchev wins Wrap Masters Eurasia 2018

by FESPA | 17/12/2018
Reigning World Wrap Masters Champion, Ivan Tenchev wins Wrap Masters Eurasia 2018

The Wrap Masters Eurasia 2018 took place on the 8th- 9th December at FESPA Eurasia 2018 and was sponsored by Hexis and Car Wrapper 3D.

Entrants were put through 4 gruelling rounds which included a creative round and were tasked with wrapping cars and other items using HEXIS vinyl. All entrants were judged on the quality of their installations.

The winner was Ivan Tenchev from Bulgaria who is currently the reigning World Wrap Masters 2018 Champion. Kirill Kukanin from Russia came second, Szebeni József from Hungary came third and Anton Dolnygin from Russia came fourth.

Ivan comments: “This year, World Wrap Masters Eurasia 2018 was really the biggest  in the last 3 years. We had a great show with lots of participants, 9 from Bulgaria, 2 from Russia, 2 from Spain, 2 from Hungary, 2 from Turkey and 1 from Denmark. The 18 entrants made the competition very diverse and competitive.”

Caption: Image from Car Wrapper 3D

Ivan expressed his delight in gaining another title under his belt. He says: “The title for me is a huge joy and it means a lot to me that my work is appreciated. This was the first competition I participated in after winning the World Wrap Masters Final 2018. I was under a lot of pressure although I did not show it. The title can be heavy to bear, and everyone wants to take it away which makes my rivals eager to beat me.”

Ivan is keen to participate as a World Wrap Masters judge in the future as he believes his experience would be valuable to wrappers in the industry. He comments: “It would make me very happy to become a judge and to share my experience.”

Ivan may not be able to compete in the World Wrap Masters Final 2019 as his company will have a stand at the Global Print Expo 2019. He explains: “Unfortunately, it is not definite whether or not I will be competing in the final in Munich as we will have a stand. But if time allows I would like to take part in the competition, one last time.”

Anna Hurbanic the owner of Car Wrapper 3D says: “FESPA Eurasia 2018 is the key Eurasian digital and print event, opening a possibility for truly international exhibitors, visitors and wrappers to participate at FESPA events. It was a pleasure to see visitors coming from Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The professional level of these competitors at the Wrap Masters Eurasia 2018 was fantastic. Congratulations to the Turkish FESPA team for their flawless event organisation and hospitality and a big thank you to Michael Ryan for his helpfulness and personal presence at all the top moments of the competition. And last but not least, congratulations to all the contestants and above all, to the FESPA Wrap Masters Eurasia 2018 winner, Ivan Tenchev from Bulgaria.”

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