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FESPA Asia 2018 brings together ASEAN wide format decision maker community

by FESPA | 26/03/2018
FESPA Asia 2018 brings together ASEAN wide format decision maker community

FESPA Asia (Bangkok, Thailand, 22 – 24 February 2018) welcomed an audience of 4,328 from 66 countries.

Visitors attended from countries spanning the ASEAN region, including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, as well as nations from the wider Asian continent, such as India, Sri Lanka, Japan and China. Visitors from Thailand made up 75% of the audience, an increase of 10% when compared with FESPA Asia 2017.  

Over 80% of attendees were either business owners or senior professionals involved in the decision making process, an increase of 13% compared with FESPA Asia 2017. 62% of visitors confirmed that their key reason for attending was to update their industry knowledge, with one in three attendees planning the purchase of new equipment.

First time FESPA Asia visitor, Mosharraf Hossain, Managing Director of DCATEK Limited, shared his impressions of the show: “Thanks to FESPA Asia, I’ve been able to view new technologies up close and made connections that could lead to new business opportunities. I certainly plan on returning to the show next year.”

Roz Guarnori, Exhibitions Director, FESPA, comments: “Visitor feedback proves that FESPA Asia remains an influential and invigorating event that is able to bring together the wide format printing community spanning a vast geographical region. The show provides an invaluable platform for exhibitors to showcase their innovations and deliver up-to-date information for visitors.”

Satisfied Exhibitors

77 exhibitors from 16 countries participated in FESPA Asia 2018 and many expressed their satisfaction with the events impetus to their business. Wayne Chapman, Asia Pacific Account Manager at Sensient Imaging Technologies S.A. says: “FESPA Asia 2018 was a very successful show that generated some high quality leads. The ASEAN countries represent a growth market for us and FESPA Asia is the ideal platform for brand visibility and lead generation.”

Franck Michaud, Area Director for Marabu Inks and regular FESPA exhibitor, comments: “FESPA Asia represents an excellent networking opportunity for businesses looking to develop their presence in what is currently a thriving economic area. Throughout my time at the show I was able to connect with both local and international professionals and discuss trends that are currently affecting the wider industry, such as textile printing, which is a key area of interest.”

Wrap Masters

FESPA Asia 2018 also hosted the World Wrap Masters Asia competition, showcasing the skill and creativity of 18 talented vehicle wrappers and demonstrating the creative ways in which vehicle decoration can be used as a visually striking promotional tool. The winner of the competition was Russian wrap artist Yury Tebuev, while Roman Russu (Russia), Kishi Sahiro (Japan), and Tadashi Kariya (Japan) came in 2nd, 3rd and 4th place respectively.

“There were some exceptional skills on display at the latest Wrap Masters edition,” says Yury Tebuev. “It remains a crucial event for professionals working in the car wrapping industry, not just as a competition but also as a meeting point for wrap artists from around the world where we can share tips and tricks of the trade. At the end of the day, we’re among peers and we all speak a common language!”

Roz Guarnori concludes: “We are very pleased with how FESPA Asia 2018 has been received. The show’s core message about the possibilities of speciality printing has clearly resonated with our visitors, while exhibitors have seized the opportunity to showcase their solutions to a wide international audience and potentially expand their businesses. We look forward to the next FESPA Asia in 2019.”

FESPA Asia 2019 will take place from 21 to 23 February 2019 at the BITEC exhibition centre in Bangkok, Thailand. For more information visit


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