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Fashinnovation with Jordana Guimaraes

Today we talk to Jordana Guimaraes, the co-founder of Fashinnovation, to discuss the future of Fashion


Digital textile printing technology with Stefan Kappaun

Digital printing technologies are disrupting the industrial Textile marketplace, in this episode we discuss the impact of digitisation, sustainability, the textile supply chain, and leveraging ink-jet.


New techniques to eliminate in-lot shade variation when printing textiles with inkjet

Martin Bailey, the CTO of Global Graphics Software discusses some challenges for inkjet printing on textiles which differs when compared to screen printing.


Nathan Swinson-Bullough of Image co on sustainability

Today we welcome Nathan Swinson-Bullough of Image co and Fespa UK board member to the podcast.


Sustainable print technologies with Sharon Donovich of Kornit Digital

Today we welcome Sharon Donovich to the Podcast. Sharon is the EMEA Product Manager at Kornit Digital, a company built to offer sustainable manufacturing alternatives to the Textile printing Industry.


Emily Falconer on the past, present and the future of Textiles for the Digital Print Industry

Premier Digital Textiles have been supplying the worlds Textile industry for over 30 years, and the Digital Textile industry for over 15 years. In this podcast we talk to Emily Falconer, about the past, present and the future of Textiles for the Digital Print Industry.


The founders of Divine Savages talk design interiors and print

Digital Print technology has unlocked endless possibilities for the Independent Surface Pattern Designer. How do you build a Designer Brand? Today we talk to Jamie and Tom the founders of the soon to be Iconic Interiors brand Divine Savages.


Carl Ludwig of Fibre For Good on sustainable organic cotton

Fibre for Good are based in Australia and supply Organic, environmentally friendly clothing for Children.


Gemini Cad Systems on software digital print and the sportswear workflow

Focussing on Sportswear it’s our pleasure to be joined by Traian Luca the CEO and Co-founder of Gemini Cad Systems who offer a suite of products that meet the demands of a digitized Apparel Industry.


AVA in conversation on software for textile design and colour management

Today we welcome AVA CAD CAM LTD, who are a specialist provider of CAD / CAM software solutions for the Textile Industry, with over 30 years’ experience creating targeted programs that automate both the design and production workflow.


Arts Threads on supporting the next generation and how the industry can help

Today we welcome Alex Brownless and Katie Dominy, founders of Arts Thread. The Arts Thread platform provides and essential resource for emerging artists, and a launchpad for the next generation, bridging the gap between education and the creative industry.


Kerry Murphy of The Fabricant on Virtual Fashion

Kerry Murphy and the team at the Fabricant are re-defining fashion…a new era of Virtual Fashion where clothes exist in the 3rd dimension, in a digital world.


Veronika Miller of Modenus on Marketing Design and Industry Insights

Today we welcome Veronica Miller, CEO of Modenus, a media company connecting the Interior Design Industry, based in the USA. Modenus offers a vital gateway to multiple marketing opportunities for the Interiors Design community.


Designer Beth Travers of BOBO1325 talks creating prints for contract interiors

Today we welcome Beth Travers, an accomplished Textile designer and founder of the Interiors brand BOBO1325 based in Manchester, UK.


Raitis Purins of Printful on customised manufacturing and the growth of web to print fulfillment

Founded in 2013 PRINTFUL are a Global print company going places!! With a growth rate of over 700% and a turnover of 77M dollars. To date they have manufactured over 7 Million products and their fulfilment platform has facilitated 9 successful Millionaires!


Mike Scrutton of Adobe on textile designer software automation and creative freedom

Today it's our pleasure to talk with Mike Scrutton, Director of Print Technology and Strategy at ADOBE.


FESPA UK's Suzi Wilkinson discusses the Digital Textile Conference 2019

Today it is our pleasure to talk to Suzi Wilkinson of FESPA UK, who as an association provide support the British Print Industry.


Women in print with Vicki Swinden of the Print Company

In the heart of Warrington, Cheshire, UK resides The Print Company. A specialist digital print service provider serving both the events, promotional and fashion industry with a whole host of products and custom printed Digital fabrics


Designer Chris Verbeek talks about the evolution fair and the design industry

We talk to Chris Verbeek about the Design Industry, the Challenges, The Evolution Fair and what it takes to create best selling patterns for the Interior Décor Industry.


Sustainable sportswear and recycling waste

Graham Ross is the co founder of a sustainable sportswear and athleisure brand based in Australia…Named Kusaga? which means recycled in Swahili…and the beginning of Grahams story…and his incredible journey into sustainable manufacturing.