Personalise Make Wear to showcase smart sports apparel and product personalisation

by Debbie McKeegan | 22/02/2024
Personalise Make Wear to showcase smart sports apparel and product personalisation

Debbie McKeegan shares what visitors can expect at the new, upcoming feature at Personalisation Experience 2024, Personalisation Make Wear. This new feature will showcase smart sports apparel, product personalisation as well as seamless customisation.

The manufacturing landscape is experiencing a seismic shift towards personalization, customisation and the application of cutting-edge production technology. So, what does the future behold?

Join us for the Personalisation Experience feature at FESPA Global Expo in Amsterdam - March 19th - 22nd.
The PMW Smart Factory will host a series of daily demonstrations and catwalks that explore, explain and showcase - just how you can utilise technology to automate and produce personalised products for sports apparel and accessories within our custom-built smart factory.
At Personalise, Make Wear - we will showcase a digital workflow that integrates and highlights the technologies that are redefining the benchmarks of apparel manufacture. Our partners include: Antigro Product Designer, Kornit Digital, MS Group, Caldera, Epson, InkCups, Pattern Room, Klieverik, Coldenhove, Tajima, Coloreel, AVA, Greentex, Dekken and Stahls.

We will showcase how to customise your production processes at any scale across direct to garment printing (DTG), roll-to-roll digital textile printing, transfer print, direct printed accessories, embroidery and more...

Our daily catwalks will showcase your customised garments and creations using the latest technologies for product personalisation. We have created a design bank using the designs of Jasper Goodall which all visitors can use to create their own garments or accessories in any format - add text, your own image, or lucky number and choose your size and product.

There will be four catwalks per day, each followed by a live demonstration tour which will be hosted by Debbie McKeegan the Fespa Textile Ambassador.

Let’s meet the expectations of our customers together at the Personalisation Experience?

With an action-packed schedule why not also join us for our Fireside Chat series to be hosted at 13:00pm each day where you can sit, rest your feet and join our partners to discuss the topics and technologies that are combining to transform our industry. The concept of smart factories isn’t a distant dream; it's a reality that's being fast-tracked by the convergence of retail and shifting consumer behaviours, machine learning, and big data.

Why should you join us?

The talks series offers a unique opportunity to learn from, network and participate in all conversations that highlight and explore the challenges and solutions that affect us all as print professionals, manufacturers, designers, buyers or retailers. Each talk will be followed by an engaging Q&A session.

 Learn what truly defines a smart factory?

How are these high-tech hubs of innovation democratizing personalization and reshaping the very fabric of manufacturing?

To unlock the potential behind this digital transformation, we need to share the expertise of those leading the field. All of our guests are esteemed experts, and they will share their boots-on-the-ground perspectives, knowledge and valuable experience gained during their careers and customer journeys.

The heart of the smart factory lies in its capacity for adaptability. With the surge of customization technology, tools once used for mass production are being retooled to craft unique, personalized products at scale. Let’s discuss...

The topics to be explored in the Fireside Chat sessions held daily at 13:00pm within the Personalisation Experience include:

The Smart Factory and Customisation Technology Explored
What makes a factory smart? We dive deep into fabric and function of an on-demand factory built for the manufacture of personalised products with key experts from the PMW feature. 
How to implement Sustainable Manufacturing at any Scale 
How do print businesses address sustainability? How do you retain profit at any volume? With key experts we will explore the market shifts and technologies that enable sustainable –agile, and profitable manufacturing.
Personalised Production – Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions 
With 3 key words for discussion: Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions - join our experts to learn what, why and how to conquer the challenges and reap the rewards of personalised manufacturing.
The Market Shifts and Technologies driving Print Workflow Automation 
Join us for an inspiring conversation on how to meet your clients’ expectations, how to rewire your workflow, add automated technology and succeed in building a resilient supply chain for your business.

We look forward to meeting you in Amsterdam and exploring product personalisation and smart manufacturing solutions together in our ground-breaking smart manufacturing showcase - Personalise-Make-Wear.

Discover the latest innovations in personalisation at Personalisation Experience 2024 at the RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands from 19th - 22nd March 2024. Visitors will have the opportunity to hear from leading minds and innovators sharing knowledge and experiences, see the latest developments and technology in personalised print solutions and network with those looking to help you grow your business. Register here to visit and use code PEXJ401.

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