Options for personalising textile frames

by Derian Reekers | 18/04/2023
Options for personalising textile frames

Derian Reekers from EFKA shares a few popular personalisation options for textile frames and how this allows you to communicate your message in a unique and innovative way.

Options for personalising textile frames 

Personalising your textile frame using one of the many options available will allow you to convey your message in a unique and eye-catching way. Customise the frame colour or add lighting effects there are countless ways to personalise a textile frame. Below we highlight a few popular personalisation options for textile frames. 


One of the biggest advantages of a textile frame is that it can be produced in almost any size. This allows you to adapt the size of the textile frame to the space available and present your message in a suitable way. Whether you need small frames or prints covering an entire wall the possibilities in terms of size are endless.  

Easily swap out your message 

Textile frames can be printed with any image you want, from company logos to photographic images. Another big advantage of textile frames is that you can easily swap out the print. That means you can personalise the textile frame for different occasions, seasons or marketing campaigns. It is a sustainable option, as it saves you from having to order a new frame, minimising costs while still communicating your message in an appealing and effective way. 

Coloured frames

Textile frames come standard in silver, black and white. In addition, we can powder coat the profiles in any RAL colour you choose. Think gold, green, dark blue, burgundy or any other trendy colour. This way, you can perfectly match a frame to the colours of the interior or a brand. Alternatively, the frame can be foil wrapped, for example, to create an attractive wood look 

Engraving options

Engraving a textile frame is a popular method of applying a personalised design to the frame. Ideas might include a logo, text or other vector files. A CNC machine engraves the design into the aluminium frame, thereby creating permanent marketing. Engraving textile frames offers personalisation options that could enhance your brand and improve your marketing strategy. Each profile can also be provided with drill holes, slots or screwthreads 


An illuminated textile frame is one of the most effective ways to personalise your frame and have your message stand out. After all, your message will be highly visible in both light and dark environments. We offer various lighting technologies to suit your needs. It is also possible to opt for dimmable lighting so that you can adjust the light intensity of your frame using a dimmer. This is very useful in spaces where people spend long periods, as the light might otherwise be (too) bright for the eyes. You can also opt for dynamic lighting, which adds an extra dimension to your textile frame. 

Unique shapes

Did you know that textile frames come in more shapes than just the standard rectangular ones? Frames can also be designed as circles, cylinders or curved walls. And these shapes can also be illuminated. Using unique shapes with a textile frame offers many advantages and can increase the effectiveness of your message. Whether you want to highlight a specific product or service, create a certain atmosphere or attract the attention of potential customers, unique shapes offer countless possibilities for personalising textile frames. And apart from the standard curved shapes, there are even more possibilities. Specially curved corners, unique shapes, angled corners or cut-outs are just a few examples. 

Outdoor frames

Textile frames are not only suitable for indoor use but can also be used outdoors. Outdoor textile frames can endure weather conditions like rain, wind and sunlight. If you add lighting, your illuminated textile frame will be clearly visible at night, making your message stand out even more. In this case, it is important that the LED lighting is IP67-certified, as this indicates that it is waterproof. 

In a nutshell, textile frames offer a range of personalisation options to present your brand or message in an attractive way. Everything from frame colour to shape and lighting, textile frames provide unlimited possibilities to fully customise a frame to your needs and specifications. 

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