Optimise efficiencies in print with CorelDRAW at FESPA Global Print Expo 2024

by Melanie Hyde | 15/03/2024
Optimise efficiencies in print with CorelDRAW at FESPA Global Print Expo 2024

CorelDRAW share an insightful industry report which demonstrates how the print industry leverages design software to maximise efficiency and reduce waste and shares 6 benefits of incorporating state-of-the-art design software into your printing process.

Every creative process requires ingenuity, planning, and precision, from design and layout to screen printing and digital output. The steps involved can sometimes be both cumbersome and costly.

With so many factors at play, it can take time to pinpoint the stumbling blocks. Perhaps the review process has too many stakeholders and the necessary feedback isn’t  promptly forthcoming. Or the color in your output doesn’t match your final proofs.

Many simple and cost-effective ways can help you and your team work more efficiently and reduce repetition.

To further understand how the printing industry works, we initiated a detailed industry report to get firsthand feedback from those working in digital, screen printing, and textile companies. It’s an insight into their successes and self-proclaimed areas of need.

Improve print production with a smaller footprint

Regardless of industry, we are all looking at more ways to reduce waste and limit our impact. One way to help mitigate excess waste is to ensure your current equipment, supporting software, and daily processes are as effective as possible.

“In the future, the print industry will be less about hardware, and more about software. This technology could enable automation, increase efficiency, improve sustainability, and enable predictive and generative AI and machine learning for print and manufacturing.”

Marcus Timson, FuturePrint  | Navigating Volatility: 2024 Vision Report for the Printing Industry

Redefine accuracy

In the printing industry, every detail matters. From fonts and images to color palettes and bleeds, all the pieces must fit correctly to produce perfect output. No one wants to make a misstep and repeat the process due to misalignment, oversaturated colors, or inaccurate crop marks.

The overarching goal, whether it’s a basic run of business labels, or a large-scale print campaign, is to get it right the first time. You will save yourself both time and money.

Streamline efficiency

Along the same lines of tracking the details comes efficiency. Do you have the correct equipment to execute projects for various clients? Is your team adequately trained in all steps of the printing process?
Industry standards can vary significantly between the needs of a vehicle wrap or marketing brochure to detailed templates for textiles and apparel. Make sure your tools can meet the demand.

Invest in production equipment or software

Now that we’ve seen some of the pitfalls of misaligned design projects, repeated print runs, or outdated equipment, where can we improve?

In our recent industry report, we found that 45% of our respondents are more likely to report that they are highly efficient in the prepress stages. This is opposed to respondents who delayed upgrading or chose to stick with outdated software.

Save time with professional graphic design software

Once you have your scope of project, along with an outline or template, there are a few more steps to your process.

With professional graphic design software as your partner, you will be surprised at the many ways these game-changing tools will help you work faster and smarter. It can even save you valuable design and layout time.

CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite can successfully manage large format printing and huge file sizes. Whether you need an 8 x 10 poster or a road-side billboard, you can draw to scale and design in a 1:1 ratio.
Here are six key benefits of incorporating state-of-the-art design software into your printing process:

  1. Collaboration 

    Ensure you and your team members are literally on the same page. With cloud-based collaboration, you will be able to make, review, and share comments in real-time.

  2. Color

Match a company logo, brochure background, or other critical graphic element with a collection of user-friendly tools and features.

Our industry report found that only 39% of our respondents rated their color management and reproduction performance as excellent. As the demands for color precision increase, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite will help ensure that you achieve accurate colors in your final output.

Our software has been optimized for large format printing workflows with all-inclusive color management capabilities, large size printing options, soft proofing, and color separations for CMYK printing.

  1. Typography

Add life, color, and texture to your words to make a memorable impact. With a collection of typography tools, you can create the right effect with specific color combinations, font modifications, and outlines, plus avoid errant fonts.

  1. Page layout

Leverage this huge time saver to ensure the layout or multi-page design is to your liking, and all the elements are in place. A sneak peek of sorts, you’ll be able to see your project before you spend time, money, and resources on the final output.

  1. Patterns, textures, and shading

Utilize tools and features to modify your images with shading, rich textures, and pattern fills to create customized apparel.

  1. Print-ready files

Share your files with clients and colleagues with confidence, knowing that your final design will be in an industry-standard file format and ready to print. With our multi-asset export option, you will gain a flexible range of options for outputting pages and objects. In addition, designers can create a customized list of assets to export with one click.

Exceed expectations with a graphic design solution

As technology continues to evolve, every company wants to identify new ways to improve their print efficiencies, limit repetitive steps, and save money. Why not take advantage of a tool that makes your job easier?

We believe graphic design software is one such game-changing tool and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite has the fortitude and industry reputation to support you and your printing needs every step of the way.

Visit CorelDraw in Hall 2 Booth 2-D10 at  FESPA Global Print Expo 2024 Europe’s leading print and signage exhibition. Taking place from 19th – 22nd March 2024 at RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands. Register here to visit.

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