Moving into Digital Signage with MASSERDOTTI Group

by FESPA | 04/06/2019
Moving into Digital Signage with MASSERDOTTI  Group

Alberto Masserdotti, CEO of the MASSERDOTTI Group and President of FESPA Italia gave a talk during the Trend Theatre at FESPA 2019. The subject was ‘Moving into Digital Signage - International Innovative Printer Case Study’.

‘Moving into Digital Signage - International Innovative Printer Case Study’ is the title of the speech proposed by Alberto Masserdotti, CEO of the homonymous Group and President of FESPA Italia, during the busy program of conferences that filled the Trend Theatre of FESPA 2019. A look at the future of visual communication with a focus on the theme of digital transformation in retail and insights into the synergy between print and digital signage. All through a virtuous case history characterized by innovation and creativity: the one of MASSERDOTTI  Group. A speech that was made just a few months after the one with which the Italian entrepreneur aroused the praise of world leaders in the print world in the exclusive setting of the FESPA Global Summit 2019.

Pioneer of digital printing, for over 50 years the name Masserdotti has been synonymous with entrepreneurial spirit and a DNA oriented toward innovation. A success story that continues now with an even more ambitious chapter that, from the new positioning, goes through the total digitalization of the company for Industry 4.0, aiming for a business expansion in new markets. Currently, the Group operates internationally as an industrial technological partner for the creation of high value-added communication projects, both in the Digital Decoration field and in Digital Signage, Mobility, and IoT through the Dominodisplay brand. Supported by its partnership with Samsung, this division of the Masserdotti Group, established in 2009, specializes in the study, design, and creation of customized multimedia solutions, and operates via on and off-line channels. On one side Dominodisplay, the e-shop of technological solutions for visual communication recently launched in France with a dedicated e-commerce on the other, the Dominodisplay Enterprise Solutions Business Unit for the development of large turnkey projects commissioned by leading industrial, retail, and fashion brands with worldwide distribution such as Liu Jo, with 12 single-brand stores in Europe, and Canali with 40 installations coordinated by the proprietary software Palinsesto, from Milan to Hong Kong.

Caption: Masserdoti Group Headquarters

“Today the point of sale looks for new meanings: on the one hand, retailers are understanding more and more the importance of technology, on the other, the users, accustomed to web searches, expect to receive, even offline, content that is customized for their needs,’ explained Masserdotti. ‘Right in this scenario, thanks to the constant investments in R&D and to the state-of-the-art of our manufacturing department, we propose ourselves as accelerators of Digital Transformation with a strong focus on the evolution of Retail from Shop to Media. We do it by combining digital decoration, which decorates spaces without the need of expensive masonry work, with the versatility of multimedia systems for a multisensory communication of the product that uses targeted messages.’ To fully complete the offer, a wide range of services ranging from Palinsesto, proprietary software for Digital Signage, to Content Creation & Content Management activities, from Project Management to Device Customization.

‘Since 1967 we have been following our customers on every front with flexibility and competence, guiding them in choosing the solutions most in line with their communication needs, both in terms of target and content. An approach that allows us to know the market in depth, anticipating the trends to give life to a constant evolution of the offer and of the areas of intervention,’ comments Alberto Masserdotti. ‘Intuitions that the market is confirming. At Fespa, for example, we have witnessed a significant presence of innovations dedicated to textile printing, which confirm our decision to invest, in recent months, in new industrial technologies to offer Soft Signage and Digital Textile with the added benefit of environmental sustainability.” For the Masserdotti Group, there are also news coming regarding LightBox, a sector with great potential for which a dedicated project will be launched shortly.

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