MS Printing Solutions to launch new JPK UV at FESPA 2018

by FESPA Staff | 08/05/2018
MS Printing Solutions to launch new JPK UV at FESPA 2018

MS Printing Solutions will launch their new UV printer at FESPA’s Global Print Expo in Berlin

The JPK UV is a high capacity, multipass printer that utilizes UV LED curable inks. The new printer is based on the successful JPK water-based ink model and strives to meet a growing demand for high-volume UV LED roll-to-roll production. Primary customers are expected to be a traditional flexo or helio users who wish to convert to digital printing.
The JPK UV uses similar technology to MS Printing Solutions’ existing machine portfolio and has been designed to provide high capacity with low running costs, whilst jumbo rolls are designed for unwinding and rewinding offer 24/7 industrial operation. MS Printing Solutions’ Non-Textile Business Development Manager, Klaas Kackmann-Schneider says, “the new JPK UV printer has been developed as an alternative solution to existing analogue printing solutions that enables traditional printing businesses to move to digital printing. Originally, we saw this phenomena with smaller production fields needing lots of customisation – when flexibility to produce on demand, instead of the cost of printing was the main factor. However, the minimal run length is changing. The breakeven point is now moving and these days customers are demanding digital printers that can produce higher output at lower costs. The JPK UV is the perfect printer to fulfil this growing demand.”
The main target market for this new printer is large industrial users of printing technology, now reductions in run lengths and collection lifetimes are now making digital printing a possibility. Examples in this field include interior decoration products like flooring, furniture laminates and wall murals, and outdoor products like building panels and door laminates.
The President of MS Printing Solutions, Paolo Milini says “as a company, we emphasize on continuously innovating to meet the needs of our customers. Our mission is to help our customers become more productive by offering them products that are tailored to specific printing needs. Digital printing is making inroads into the traditional analogue printing markets because the technology continues to progress forward. Digital printing is now robust enough to do longer print runs required by industrial users, whilst simultaneously reducing the cost of digital printing is making it more accessible.”
The JPK UV will be showcased at FESPA 2018. To find out more about the Global Print Expo, see the full exhibitor list and to see information about how you can register to attend, visit the event’s official website:

For free entry use code FESJ801 when registering.

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