How to profit through digital printing in the décor market

by FESPA | 03/04/2017
How to profit through digital printing in the décor market

Meystyle's founders Maria and Ekaterina Yaschuk have used the limitless design opportunities available through digital printing to develop dazzling customized wallpaper and fabrics.

What happens when a spacial designer and stylist get together with a surface and textile artist? Magic. That's why Maria and Ekaterina Yaschuk decided to combine their years of experience and launch Meystyle, a London-based design company specialising in LED wallpaper. 

Their unique designs are produced in-house and jazzed up with crystals and LEDs for clients around the globe. We spoke with them to learn more about their projects and how they are transforming walls and wallpaper into works of art.

How did you come to be involved in the world of design?

Most people that end up as designers dream of becoming artists as children. We grew up in a family where there were no creative professionals, so ‘Design’ was not an option that we knew existed.

We started painting at an early age, and the natural progression was to go to a college of Art & Design where we started discovering how our art can be applied and that slowly grew into design. 

What influences you? From where do you find your inspiration?

We take inspiration from concepts that are current to us at a particular time. Last year when the Mayan Calendar was ending we were exploring symbolism in ancient cultures and how to translate the idea of the end of time in current society.

This year, we wanted to explore the concept of eternal depth (The Abyss) and how we can make our patterns and wallpapers appear like they float rather than having a solid presence. The thoughts behind [the creations] are usually far more important than visual inspiration to both of us. Objects and colors manifest themselves as a continuation in our design process. 

What is you preferred travel destination?

To be very honest we prefer destinations where we can mix business and pleasure. Over the years we have made a lot of friends so an exciting city mixed together with familiar faces, a little bit of culture, good food, and inspiration is always a win.

It is also great to travel to cities where you are already relatively familiar, so you do not waste any time being a tourist.

What is your favorite medium to work with? Product category?

Digital print and wallpaper. 

Tell us about your recent project.

A lobby in an NYC residential building in the upper East Side. We are doing a fully customized version of our Qualia design in two colors: one for the lobby and one for the lift. We love this project because it is using our creativity and LED technology to the most.

We are covering all four walls with a completely unrepeated design and the LED lights create an unusual way of adding light to a space. The colors for this project were generated in response to other materials and the building itself, which will make the wallpaper an organic continuation of the walls and the floor. 


Designlush interior project One Riverside Park, New York

What is your dream project?

Something very, very scientific! For a while now we have been looking to collaborate with a scientist or scientific institution to develop a more conceptual organic form of light. We want to look at organic and biological structures and unconventional ways of generating light… for a more artistic ‘conceptual’ project…

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